The Employee Assistance & Counseling Center is a resource for supervisors and HR Consultants to assist in helping employees solve personal problems that may be contributing to poor job performance.


When should a Supervisor/Manager consider referring an employee to the EACC for counseling?
  • If he/she is concerned about an employee. Example — when an employee appears to be depressed following the loss of a loved one.
  • If the goal of counseling is to improve job performance.
  • If a serious job performance problem is identified and corrective action is needed it is strongly suggested that the supervisor/manager contact his/her HR Consultant along with referring the underperforming employee to the EACC (see referral form below).
What are some of the signs that an employee may need help?
  • Changes in Performance — lower productivity, slower, great variation from day to day
  • Changes in Behavior — irritable, disruptive, critical, uncooperative
  • Late/Absent — Monday/Friday, long lunches, frequently leaves work station
  • Distracted — listless, unable to concentrate
  • Moody — inappropriate anger, frequent mood changes, outburst
What are the appropriate steps to take in referring an employee for performance issues?
  • Observe: Pay attention to changes
  • Document: Be objective & specific, document facts that can be seen and heard. Stick to job performance issues (see referral form below).
  • Constructively confront: Give specific expectations of desired changes in job performance. Control your feelings.
  • Refer: Contact the EACC and your HR Consultant. Call us at 205-934-2281 if you make a referral. It helps us to know what your concerns are.

Download or print a copy of this Managers Guide to the EACC.


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