HR Giving Incentives

This year will are encouraging everyone to give or to keep giving!

In order to encourage participation in this year’s HR campaign, we have sourced some great prizes that we will give away each week for those that participate. Here are the rules of the game:

  • We will hold two drawings each week for three weeks for six total. The winners will be drawn each Friday morning and announced via the HR Benevolent fund website
  • The first drawing will be Friday, March 6
  • To get your name in the drawing, you must do one of the following:
    • Pledge to become a first time Continuous Giver. This is someone who pledges either to give one hour pay per month, one percent of your pay per month or by donating a fixed amount per month. 
    • Pledge to give to any one-time gift (this could include UAB Habitat House). The amount of the one-time gift has to be an amount $5 or greater
  • Turn your pledge card in to your Visionary team member. The Visionary will turn all pledges in every week by Thursday, 4pm. For additional pledge cards, please see your Visionary team member.
  • Cash and Check can be accepted, but a pledge card will need to be filled out and turned in with your money.
  • If you win one of the drawings, your name will be taken out the remainder of the campaign; HOWEVER, it will be put back in for more drawings during the end of the campaign party (Date TBD).

A sample of the prizes are listed below:

  • Free Oil change and tire rotation from Good Year
  • 3-month pass to the UAB Campus Recreation Center
  • $10 gift card to Newks
  • Fantastic Five food vouchers (to be used in UAB Hospital)
  • Athletic Gift Basket

Overview of Hiring Process



Hiring authority completes and submits request for position form.
  1. Requisition Created/Approved: (Policy 102) Approved electronic form received in Recruiting System. Recruiter is notified to begin recruitment process.


HR posts position in Recruiting System and implements recruitment plan.
  1. Recruitment Review/Strategy: (Policy 105) Recruiter and hiring manager review position and determine recruitment strategy.
  2. Job Posted: (Policy 105) Recruiter posts position to Recruiting System.


Recruiters review applicants and determines best qualified for managers to review in Recruiting System.
  1. Candidates Apply: Candidates review available job postings and apply to job.
  2. HR Screenings: (Policies 111 & 606) Recruiter reviews, interviews and selects candiates to forward to hiring manager for consideration. Recruiter will review internal candidate employee file to verify transfer eligibility.


Hiring manager conducts interviews.
  1. Hiring Selection: (Policy 110) Hiring manager interviews and identifies a candidate for the position.


HR conducts background check on selected candidate.
  1. Background Check: (Policy 101


Candidate extended offer and position closed in Recuiting System.
  1. Offer: (policies 110 & 112) Candidate extended offer.
  2. Position Filled: Position is closed in Recruiting System.
  3. Candidate Notification: Candidates notified position is filled.


OnBoarding system is being evaluated and is tentatively planned for rollout in summer/fall 2015.

Recruiting System Training

The Recruiting System is UAB's applicant tracking system.  It helps HR staff, Hiring Managers and Collaborators oversee the recruitment process.

Click your Recruitment role to access resources specific to you:

Hiring Manager (Coming in February)
The Hiring Manager can view assigned requisitions and can change step and status for candidates up to the Interview completion step.

MGR Collaborator (Coming in February)
The MGR Collaborator can log in to the system and VIEW candidate information.  MGR Collaborators do NOT have the ability to modify the requisition or update a candidate’s step and status.

Internal Candidate (Coming in February)
The Internal candidate can log in to the system using their BlazerID and password to access their employment profile.

Recruiter/Consultants (Coming in February)
The Recruiter/Consultant has administrative access in the Recruiting System for creating/managing requisitions and candidate management for the requisitions. BlazerID and password required.

HR Support Staff (Coming in February)
HR Support Staff has access in the Recruiting System for reviewing and routing requisitions to the appropriate Recruiter as well as some other administrative tasks.  BlazerID and password required.

Resources for Hiring Managers

Taleo Enterprise Recruiting system is more secure and will allow managers to receive up-to-date insights into candidates in one single location. Additionally, managers will be able to use their Blazer ID and password to log in.

Document Description
Sorting by Source, Using Requisition and Candidate Filters Job Aid Instructions on how to use candidate quick filters.

Candidate Management Job Aid Instructions on how to navigate to move candidates through the CSW, change Steps/Status and perform disposition for multiple candidates.

Candidate File Management Job Aid Instructions on how to print a candidate file and add an attachment to candidate file.

Exporting Candidate List to Excel Instructions on how to export a candidate list to Microsoft Excel.

Sample of Automatic Correspondences

Email from HR to Hiring Manager

Additional Resources

Roles and Associated Permissions

Provides definitions about the roles and permissions and how to get access to the applicant tracking system.

Icon and Definitions

Provides definitions for the tools and icons in the system.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Provides general questions and answers about the applicant tracking system.

Candidate Selection Workflow Reference

Provides explanation on candidate selection workflow and understanding the step, status and reasons.

Tips and Reminders

Provides tips and reminders on system access, roles, browsers, job requistion management, and candidate management.

Web Browser Reset Instructions

Provides instructions for both Mac and PC users on how to reset web browser settings (i.e., clear browser cookies and cache).

Mac Users: Java Version Verification and Update Instructions

Provides instructions for Mac (Apple) users on how to verify and/or update the version of Java installed on their machine.


Training Information

Informational Sessions
Hands-on Training
In this hands-on session, you will learn the fundamentals for using the Recruiting System, which includes viewing the requisition, managing applicant resumes, candidate selection workflow and disposition, and the offer process.

Additional Information

For technical support, please submit an online ticket to AskIT or call 205-996-5555.