All full or part-time UAB employees are eligible to attend classes.
All OL&D classes are free to UAB employees.
You should take classes to improve your current skills, gain new skills, and network with others. Taking classes gives you the opportunity to know more about yourself, your UAB community, and about how to best achieve your day-to-day and long term goals. Taking training is an accomplishment and evidence of professional growth.
No. OL&D classes are considered part of every UAB employees’ responsibility to improve themselves. Growth and improvement are part of your job, so OL&D provides free, on-demand training as a benefit of that job. You should get approval from your supervisor before registering for a class to assure continuation of normal business.
The linked catalogs below provide you with a description of each of the classes we currently offer and what you will take away from a specific class: Once you have decided on a course of training, click here to see a current schedule. The schedule is divided into tabs for ease of navigation. Schedules are updated through two-three months of the current date. The schedules are searchable according to title, date, time and instructor.
  • Log onto the UAB Faculty & Staff Learning System.
  • Use the Catalog tab to search for the class you wish to take.
  • Click Show Class Schedule. If there is more than one offering, choose the one that best fits your schedule.
  • Click Register. You’re set!
Please register as soon as you know your availability to ensure we prepare for you. You must register in order to ensure that a seat is available for you, and materials and machines are ready and waiting for you. Call us at 934-3359 if you would like to attend a class at the last minute.
In the UAB Faculty & Staff Learning System, look on the MyLearning tab. Under Upcoming Classes you’ll see the classes for which you have registered. If the class name does not appear, you are not registered for the class. You’ll also receive a class reminder, via email, a few days before class. If taking training no longer works with your schedule, please cancel.
Log into the UAB Faculty & Staff learning system. Click the My Learning tab. Find the class you need to cancel and click the Class Schedule link. Click the Drop this Class button. Register again when your schedule permits. If you need assistance, contact our office at 934-3359.
Always try to schedule your classes well in advance. This allows your supervisor to make plans for the time you will be gone. Think about the skills that the class you have chosen fits your development needs and tell your supervisor how those skills will help you solve problems or improve your performance at work.
Each employee may print out a complete record of their training history from the UAB Faculty & Staff Learning System. Log in, then click the My Transcript button. Transcripts can be complied for any date range. Once compilation is complete, click the Customize and Print Transcript buttons in the upper-right hand corner of the page.
Yes. We are available to come to your classroom or conference room to teach custom classes. If you would like to have computer classes at your site, please contact us to discuss logistical requirements. Remember to schedule well in advance for the greatest choice of dates.
Yes. Organizational Learning & Development has three well-equipped computer classrooms where we are able to provide customized training in a wide variety of common software packages and computer applications. Email us to make your specific request and you'll be contacted promptly to discuss your options.
Organizational Learning & Development staff members have expertise in a wide variety of topic areas and can help you select the combination of training and interpersonal interaction that will best meet your needs and the needs of your staff. Department managers or supervisors can schedule events well in advance (3-5 months) to ensure that an OL&D staff member will be available.
OL&D staff members can attend your staff meeting and present a quick introduction to a concept that may represent a challenge or opportunity for your employees. This could create interest in a more in-depth class, spark group discussion of issues or provide an introduction to new skills. Call us to discuss your department’s needs and we will select material that’s best for you.
Some of OL&D classes are approved for nursing, radiology, and social work CEUs. Nursing CEU’s are processed through UAB Center for Nursing Excellence. Click here to see a current flyer of upcoming CE approved classes, their dates and times, and their credit numbers.