The UAB HR Officer responsibility gives end users the ability to view and update personnel data, view and update timesheets hours and cost distributions, view and retroactively redistribute previously posted salary/benefit dollars, view faculty data, and run ad hoc reports.

The UAB HR Officer responsibility will appear on the end users Personal Home Page as a nine-digit org number plus the organization name.

 hr officer

When the UAB HR Officer responsibility is selected, the menu options will display.

 hr officer menu

Written instructions for each menu option and additional resources are available for viewing or printing by clicking on the green menu option below.

UAB HR Officer Menu Option Functionality

Access Control Form (ACF)


The Access Control Form (ACF) is used to view, request and change access responsibilities for employees.

HR Transactions:


The ACT form is used to view personnel records, create a new personnel record, to change any part of that record, or to terminate the relationship with UAB.


Biweekly Timesheets:


The TEL form is utilized by the University for biweekly employees to record work and benefit time.

Update Salary Distributions:

Salary Reclass Form

The Salary Reclass Form is used to retroactively redistribute previously posted salary/benefit dollars.


WAM - Approval Paths

Personal Worklist

UAB Document Locator

  • The WAM form documents the current approval path of each document; also includes an approver history for those documents.
  • System notifications are delivered to requestors and approvers via their Personal Worklist.
  • The UAB Document Locator allows users to locate a document and see its current location in the system.


HR Data Views:

Assignment List


The Assignment List provides a means of viewing personnel data for multiple employees, trainees and volunteers' in a list format. Data may be exported into Microsoft Excel format.

View Biweekly Accrual Balances


The View Biweekly Accrual Balances provides viewing access in the Administrative Systems to BIWEEKLY PAID EMPLOYEES benefit time accrual balances. Data may be exported into Microsoft Excel format.


Personnel Action Log


The Personnel Action Log (PAL) provides a listing of all ACT Documents and Self Service changes that have been processed. Data may be exported into Microsoft Excel format.


View Salary Distribution

View Salary Distribution by Period

View Salary Distribution by Document
  • The View Salary Distributions by Period provides a means to view funding/costing data for a specified period of time.
  • The View Salary Distribution by Document provides a means to view submitted salary reclass documents and provides a history of all documents processed for the specified assignment.



View Effort Reports


The View Effort Reports provides a means of running a data extract to determine the location of effort reports, a listing of all effort reports for effort report eligible employees for which the requestor has access.



Payroll Information Extract (PIE)


The Payroll Information Extract (PIE) provides the ability to access detailed payroll and/or labor distribution (LD) information. The information is extracted and the report sent in an Excel spreadsheet.


Legacy Payroll Info (OPIE)


The Legacy Payroll Info (OPIE) provides the ability to access detailed payroll and labor distribution information from the old LEGACY (HURS & FAS) system.

View Faculty Data Form


The View Faculty Data Form provides viewing access to faculty related appointment data.


Run Reports:

Submit Process

View Request

  • The Submit Process menu option is used to generate HR Ad-Hoc (as needed) reports.
  • The View Request menu option is used to view previously generated HR Ad-hoc (as needed) reports.


HR Reporting:

HR Ad-Hoc Reports


HR Ad-Hoc Reports are available on the UAB HR Officer Responsibility. These reports can be run on an "as needed" basis and provide valuable information related to managing personnel.


HR Electronically Distributed Reports:




Specific HR reports are electronically distributed to individuals identified as the HR Organization Contact. Individuals responsible for HR functions will find these reports useful in managing personnel.