The University of Alabama at Birmingham, with the input and support of UAB administration and the University of Alabama System Office, is launching a pilot program among Workgroup A staff in central administrative units to further explore possible long-term remote/hybrid work arrangements and the structure, policies and best practices to manage it.

Phase I is open to a limited group of Workgroup A staff in participating central administrative units who meet criteria and are approved to participate. Phase II allowed schools and colleges to join the pilot.

Phase I began Sept. 1, 2021; Phase II began Jan. 1, 2022. Due to staggered start times of the pilot, continued COVID surges and The World Games’ likely impacts to campus operations in July, the pilot has been extended until July 31, 2022.

Access the UAB Employee Workforce App online to determine whether your job title/role can be considered for an alternate work schedule in Phase I of the pilot. Visit the Alternate Work Options webpage for more information.

— Updated February 23, 2022