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While we are operating in a modified business model, Learning & Development will continue to offer a full schedule of virtual learning opportunities and resources to support UAB employees. Visit our learning calendar to register for upcoming events!

Learning for Communication

  • Resources on Communication

    DISC: Understanding Your Behavioral Style


    Sometimes it is difficult to understand why two reasonable people can respond so differently to exactly the same event. We tend to chalk it up to difficult behavior, but, more often than not the behavior is not difficult, just different. And many of those differences are based on our personality styles. The DISC Model offers insights on communication preferences and tendencies, and provides guidance on how to maximize your potential results on a team, and minimize potential conflicts. This class will help you understand you own personality style and how it influences your behavior. You’ll also learn why people with different styles may not communicate and behave the same way you do.

    See the Learning Calendar to register.

    Navigating Difficult Conversations


    Communication skills are a vital part of the success of any role, team, and arguably any organization. But creating and maintaining dialogue is not always easy. In fact, difficult conversations are bound to occur. But what does it take to navigate those challenging situations effectively? What does it take to foster a respectful dialogue, and create an alignment of goals? This learning program evaluates the roots of what make conversations difficult, and provides actionable strategies that increase trust, improve team relationships, increase confidence, and empower you to constructively open dialogue with anyone, about almost anything.

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  • LinkedIn Learning Courses on Communication

    Take advantage of unlimited access to LinkedIn Learning, an on-demand library of high-quality instructional videos covering a vast range of software, business and creative skills. Taught by industry experts – and new videos added every week – LinkedIn Learning is designed for all levels of learners, and it’s available on the go. Accessing LinkedIn Learning is simple. To get started, visit LinkedIn Learning for UAB.