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  • Workshops on Service & Productivity

    Creating an Exceptional Service Experience

    Regardless of position, we must all practice some form of service. Learn and practice communication techniques for different situations including building rapport, diffusing tension and recovering service. This class will outline the hallmarks of exceptional service and demonstrate practical communication models that will empower you across all interactions, from the warm and simple to those that are difficult.

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    Productive Work Habits

    The modern work world is full of distractions — private emails, social media, the internet and chatty co-workers cut into productivity and prompt procrastination. Yet work left unfinished today becomes a mountain of work due tomorrow, making a lack of productivity one of the biggest causes of profit loss for organizations. Learn how to kick bad habits and stay more focused on work throughout the day resulting in work at a higher level, ability to prioritize tasks, and create long-lasting behavioral changes.

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    Managing Your Priorities

    Multiple tasks and competing priorities, are common in today’s work place. In this workshop you will learn and discuss techniques to prioritize your tasks, organize your workspace, set boundaries, manage interruption’s and overcome procrastination. You will leave this workshop with the tools to manage your priorities and be ready to take action.

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    Practical Project Management

    Practical Project Management will help employees become effective leaders on projects of any size and scope. The program walks participants through four key stages to project management. Throughout the course, they are given the opportunity to apply the techniques inherent in each stage of the process.

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