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Management Fundamentals

WEBICON MgmtFundamentalsManagement Fundamentals is designed for managers at all levels who want to develop or hone their skills as an effective manager and leader. The curriculum blends live public workshops with online learning to maximize the use of your time. Our curated online content allows you to learn at your own pace, at the time that works best for you. The live public workshops provide a collaborative learning environment, focused on skills practice and action-oriented learning.

What is Management Fundamentals?

  • Three public workshops, delivered in concentrated format, averaging two hours each
  • Actionable key-takeaways, models, personal and team development tools,
    and ongoing development resources
  • Live workshops built around real-world discussion and skills-practice
  • Curated, online learning to take your learning further

What can Management Fundamentals do for you?

  • Demonstrate ownership of your professional development as a leader at UAB
  • Network with peers across UAB and learn from the experience of others
  • Participants bring their own experiences to use as real world scenarios
  • Align your management style with UAB’s Success Model and Leadership Expectations
  • Receive a Managing Performance Certificate for completing all workshops

Principal facilitator of the Management Fundamentals program is Organizational Development Specialist William Edwards. Contact William at wre@uab.edu or 205-934-6272 with any questions.

Earn your Managing Performance Certificate

The Managing Performance Certificate is awarded to participants who attend all three Management Fundamentals workshops. We recommend that you take them in this order: "Motivating Through Performance Management," "Giving & Receiving Feedback" and "Developing Others through Coaching."

Select a title below for information on individual workshops. Sign up for workshops on the UAB Learning System; search for programs by title.

Motivating Through Performance Management

The performance management process can help you achieve accountability, role clarity, excellent performance, and professional growth and development for you and your team. Understand the performance management process, and learn how to set SMART goals and use performance management to achieve accountability through performance management techniques to improve performance conversations. Seating is limited to 40.

Key Takeaways

  • Manager Accountabilities Model
  • UAB Leadership Expectations
  • 14 Performance Conversation Questions
  • Skill practice with real-world, first-hand scenarios
  • Learn to write SMART goals

2019 Workshop Dates:

Giving & Receiving Feedback

Managing others requires evaluation and response. Effective feedback allows managers to guide employees back on track, acknowledge and encourage employees who are performing well, and sustain good performance. When feedback doesn’t connect with the employee, and we miss our mark as a manager. This program provides a straightforward model that focuses on feedback for performance and development. You will have an opportunity to discuss real situations you face, and plan how to use this model with your team. Seating is limited to 40.

Key Takeaways

  • Adaptable model for simple feedback
  • Adaptable model for difficult feedback

2019 Workshop Dates:

Developing Others Through Coaching

As a manager, a large part of your role is to develop others on your team. With this workshop, you will learn basic coaching skills used to develop others in the workplace. Please come ready with current, first hand scenarios where coaching may apply. Seating is limited to 40.

Key Takeaways

  • 60 Coaching Questions based on the GROW Model
  • Skill practice with real-world, first-hand scenarios

2019 Workshop Dates:

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