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Building Your Team

Engaged, high-performing teams are built differently depending on the situation, the team’s current dynamics and your experience as a manager. Use the resources below as you build your team.

  • Tips for Team Building
    First time manager? Review and apply these three pillars of success:
    • Make the mental shift – From it’s all about me; to it’s about you and me
    • Achieve results differently – With and through others
    • Proactively communicate – Empower through communication
    Been a manager for awhile but new to UAB? As you know, success is accomplished through others. Start by:
    • Conduct a listening campaign
    • Promote a shared vision
    • Seek feedback and input from others
    Inherit a team? Here are some places to start:
    • Meet with each team member one-on-one
    • Hold a collaborative team planning meeting
    • Proactively communicate
  • Tools for Team Building

    Recommendations For Team Building

    • Want to be a high achieving team? Team Development
    • Learn to hold yourself and your team accountable and accomplish more by setting goals: Goal Setting
    • Build trust among your team and learn how to be viewed as trustworthy: Trust
    • Embrace mistakes as opportunities to improve and encourage others to do the same: Learning Agility
    • Discover, dream, design and deliver a positive work environment: Appreciative Inquiry

    Programs for Team Building

    • Blaze Leadership Academy: A selective program that prepares high potential faculty and staff to become stewards of UAB’s future