• Q. What is the timeline for completing reviews?
    The performance application will open on July 1 with an extended deadline of September 30.
  • Q. What form and tools should I use for completing the self-assessment and manager review?
    For Workgroup A, please use the performance management app to complete the self-assessment and evaluation. The app will be open on July 1.
  • Q. What if I don't have access to a computer?
    Work with your manager to discuss alternative ways to complete your performance review.
  • Q. What if I have additional questions specific to my school or unit?
    Talk with your manager or contact your HR consultant.
  • Q. How can I have an effective and productive performance conversation?
    1. Start by reviewing the self-assessment:
    • Have the employee review how the year went from their perspective.
    • What went well during the year?
    • What new roles did people take on?
    • Will they continue?
    • What were the challenges?
    • How can the manager provide support?
    1. Discuss how things changed and how the employee adapted:
    • Revisit projects, deadlines, and priorities.
    • How did goals and priorities change?
    • Reassess priorities, success metrics, and quality level - given limited business operations and resources.
    1. Communicate with respect and care
    • Listen for understanding.
    • Ask for feedback and provide feedback: focus on the behavior, not the person.
    • Ask open-ended questions to further understanding and dialogue.
    • Keep in mind the intangibles: emotional, cognitive, and physical fatigue.
    • Plan for follow up & schedule regular check-ins.
    1. Focus Forward: Goals and Development
    • Define performance goals: consider disruptions as a potential for new opportunities.
    • Capture how can strengths and talents be used in new ways.
    • Utilize an optional Individual Development Plan (IDP) Individual Development Plan (IDP) — a tool to encourage ongoing professional development.
    • For schools and units already using an IDP, continue using your form.
    • Take advantage of Organizational Learning & Development's resources to assist you. Check out to find L&D resources in our Learning Center, including programs, tools, and just-in-time learning.
  • Q. Who should I contact with questions?