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Process for Hiring Central Six Alabama Works Apprentices

After the department selects an apprentice through the Central Six Alabama Works program, they must follow the steps below to ensure proper onboarding at UAB:

  • STEP 1: Create the Position

    If your department does not have the "Apprentice" position listed on your departmental position summary, you will need to submit a request to Budget Administration to create the position.

    1. Submit a Request to Create Position String-Non Faculty (Staff)
    2. Request Job Title: Apprentice, Job Code: I010078
    3. Once the position has been added to your position summary, follow the steps to Hire the Apprentice.

    Next Step: Hiring the Apprentice

  • STEP 2: Hiring the Apprentice

    Once the position title is created, you need to start the process to hire the apprentice:

    1. Submit PAR.
    2. Select Temporary Employee under Position Authorization Request section.
    3. Select Department Fast Track.
    4. Complete and submit form (see screenshot below).
    5. Once PAR is submitted, the hiring/on-boarding process will proceed via Recruitment Services to include (background screen, I-9, on-boarding task list, temporary ID badge).
    6. Next step is to complete the ACT Document.

    7. Click image to enlarge.

    Next Step: Complete the ACT Document

  • STEP 3: ACT Document

    A partial auto-ACT document will be created with the following information:

    • Assignment category = 02 (Full-time Temporary)
    • Job Title/Job Code = Apprentice/ I010078

    The department should complete/submit the ACT document. Per Central Six Program guidelines, apprentices shall be paid a progressively increasing schedule of wages based on either a percentage or a dollar amount of the current hourly journey worker wage rate, which is $17.

    Once an apprentice is hired the department should ensure that the Apprentice is properly oriented.

    Work assignments, training, performance evaluations, etc. are determined by the department in accordance with the Central Six Program Guidelines.

    Next Step: Orientation for the Apprentice

  • STEP 4: Orientation for the Apprentice

    The department should have a formal orientation process to ensure the apprentice has a mentor and all the right contacts within the department/organization.

    NEXT: Information on Apprenticeship Term, Performance Evaluations and Apprentice Responsibilities

  • Information on Apprenticeship Term, Performance Evaluations and Apprentice Responsibilities


    The apprenticeship term is 1.6 years with an On-the-Job Learning (OJL) attainment of 2,846 hours, supplemented by the minimum required 144 hours of related instruction.

    Apprentices will have 392 hours of the 2,846 OJL hours credited for previous experience, either for graduating from the Innovate Birmingham Bootcamp or by showing competency through a skills assessment.

    All apprentices will serve a probationary period of 90 days.

    Tracking Time Worked:

    The official UAB Time Keeping System will be used by apprentices to track the actual hours worked each day; however, apprentices must also use the Weekly OJT Tracking Form and Monthly OJT Tracking Form to report their time to Central Six (click on link to download form).

    Performance Evaluations/Salary Increases:

    Department should use the UAB performance review structure to evaluate apprentice(s). Performance evaluations should align with the progressive salary increase schedule, as an apprentice must have progressive wages per Central Six guidelines.

    An example wage scale:

    1. 1000 OJT hours — $17.00
    2. 1000 OJT hours — $18.00
    3. 846 OJT hours — $19.00

    If there are performance issues or violations of policies and/or regulations the department should follow the UAB progressive disciplinary process. The department should also notify Central Six.

    Central Six AlabamaWorks is the Region 4 Workforce Council for the State of Alabama. Central Six serves Blount, Chilton, Jefferson, Shelby, St. Clair and Walker counties. For more information, please visit

    Apprentice Responsibilities

    Apprentices are expected to follow UAB Policies and Procedures and adhere to the following:

    1. Comply with UAB absenteeism and tardiness policies.
    2. Be involved and show dedication to the training provided.
    3. Keep track of training hours and advise supervisor of any deficiencies in apprenticeship training.
    4. Show dedication and interest in learning the trade.
    5. Show respect to the skilled journeyperson(s) providing training and supervision.
    6. Comply with the provisions of the Apprenticeship program.
    7. Follow departmental work rules and applicable UAB policies and procedures.