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UAB Employee of the Month/Year Program

The following individuals represent the "best of the best" from a variety of areas here at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Select a year below to view Employee of the Month honorees from that year.


The UAB Employee of the Month/Year Program was established in 1977 for the purpose of recognizing non-academic personnel for their accomplishments to the University. The program seeks to recognize and reward those staff members whose contributions best exemplify the values essential to achieving UAB’s mission and vision — Accountability, Collaboration, Service, Commitment, Diversity, Can-do Attitude and Ethical Conduct. In doing so, we not only show appreciation for outstanding individual achievement, we publicly and consistently communicate to all the significance of these values to UAB.

Employee of the Month Program to relaunch in 2020; click here for more information.


Employee of the Year

UAB Employee of the Year 2018-2019

Sandra Cooper