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When you set up your new Fitbit device online, you will be prompted to join the UA System Dashboard and your exercise activity will sync automatically. All personal information (height, weight, GPS location) will not be shared with UA System — that information is confidential within your Fitbit consent.

Already have a Fitbit? You can still join the UA Dashboard and take part in system-wide wellness challenges. Click the button to register your current device and receive an official invite via the Fitbit Dashboard.


Purchase a Fitbit

UAB employees get preferred pricing on all Fitbit devices through the UA System Fitbit Program. Start tracking your fitness in three easy steps:

  1. Visit the storefront at fitbit.com/welcome/UASYSTEM.
  2. Enter your discount code, which is the word "blazer" followed by your unique BlazerID. Example: blazersmith123
  3. Purchase the device of your choice.


How to Order | Program FAQs





Fitbit Device Retail UAB Price Discount
INSPIRE $69.95 $52.50 -$17.45
INSPIRE HR $99.95 $79.00 -$20.95
CHARGE 3 $149.95 $118.50 -$31.45
CHARGE 3 (Special Edition) $169.95 $134.50 -$35.45
IONIC $249.95 $202.50 -$47.45
IONIC ADIDAS $279.95 $227.00 -$52.95
VERSA $199.95 $162.00 -$37.95
VERSA (Lite Edition) $159.95 $129.50 -$30.45
VERSA (Special Edition) $229.95 $186.50 -$43.45
ACE 2 $69.95 $52.50 -$17.45