Pillars of Wellness

UAB Employee Wellness strives to cultivate, innovate and nurture a collaborative approach for the individual and corporate health of UAB employees with a focus on five major areas: Tobacco Cessation, Nutrition, Physical Activity & Recreation, Prevention & Health Management and Wellbeing.

  • Nutrition


    Unhealthy eating habits and obesity multiply your risk of developing chronic health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. A crucial step in powering you to live well is making a commitment to healthy eating. UAB makes it easy to make healthy choices in the workplace with the onsite resources below:

    • Farm Stand: Due to public health concerns related to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Farm Stand at UAB has been suspended until further notice.
    • Healthy Eats at UAB: UAB offers a variety of convenient choices to help you make smart nutritional choices in the workplace.


  • Physical Activity & Recreation

    Physical Activity & Recreation

    As you get moving with an active lifestyle, you'll feel more energized, less stressed and more productive — at work and at home. UAB makes it easy to stay active with the onsite resources below:

    • UAB Walking Trails: Seven routes located throughout the medical and academic campus that make it convenient for steppers to walk at work in rain or shine.
    • Campus Recreation Center: UAB employees are eligible for unique 1-, 3- and 12-month membership packages. Bring your OneCard to Campus Rec information desk to sign up for a free one-week trial.
    • Yoga & Pilates Classes: Certified instructors offer "Gentle Yoga" and "Lean & Strong Pilates" classes four days a week at the UAB Employee Assistance & Counseling Center, free for UAB employees.


  • Prevention & Health Management

    Prevention & Health Management

    At UAB Employee Wellness, we strive to provide multiple ways for learning how to prevent health problems and maintain a healthy lifestyle. From lunch-and-learn sessions and seasonal vision and health screenings, we want to be sure all UAB employees have access to the opportunities they need to be their healthiest selves.

    • My Health Rewards: Eligible employees can earn up to $350 a year for completing outcomes-based initiative rewards participants for completing age/gender specific screenings, participating in care-management programs, and other healthy behaviors throughout the year.
    • Wellscreens: Employee health screenings free for all full-time and part-time regular UAB and UAB Medicine employees, held annually at locations around campus. Check uab.edu/wellscreens for upcoming dates.
    • UAB Medicine Urgent Care: Quick, convenient access to UAB Medicine physicians for non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries; walk-in appointments available seven days a week, with lab and x-ray services available onsite.


  • Wellbeing


    At UAB, we want employees to find comfort, health and happiness, and encourage all employees to pursue their wellbeing through various resources and services provided by UAB. Be sure to check out:

    • UAB Employee Assistance & Counseling Center: Confidential support services for UAB employees and their immediate household — including individual, couples and family counseling — to help you identify, understand and resolve work-related and personal issues, and achieve a successful work/life integration.
    • Code Blaze: An extensive collection of stress management resources for solving stressful situations, relaxation and techniques for managing difficult emotions frequently experienced by direct care providers.
    • Financial Wellness: Through the UAB Financial Wellness Program, Human Resources provides financial counseling, student loan assistance and educational resources designed to help employees cope with financial stressors.
    • Campus Recreation Center Massage Therapy: Choose from Swedish, nueromuscular, sports and deep tissue massage by a Campus Recreation Center certified massage therapist.
    • Employee Perks for the UAB Family: Through discount agreements with eligible businesses, the UAB Employee Perks program allows all UAB faculty and staff to save money just for being a UAB employee. Current offers include gym memberships, vacation packages, grocery delivery services and much more.


  • Tobacco Cessation

    Tobacco Cessation

    As a world-renowned university with vital roles in preserving and improving life, UAB has a responsibility to be among leaders in health and wellness initiatives. To that end:

    • The use of tobacco or smoking-related products is prohibited within all buildings, facilities, vehicles and spaces (including covered walkways, covered parking, parking lots, commons, parks, and campus greens) that are owned, rented, leased or otherwise controlled by the University and otherwise in accordance with city ordinance. Read the complete UAB Nonsmoking Policy.
    • Effective January 2016, UAB faculty and staff enrolling in a UAB medical plan must declare whether they are a tobacco user, fees are assessed accordingly with cessation resources and discounted products available to employees.


    UAB Nonsmoking Policies & Resources | Tobacco Surcharge FAQs