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Approval Date = Approval by Board of Trustees
If no approval date listed, Center pre-dates requirement of Board approval.

University-wide Interdisciplinary Research Centers
Pilot Developmental Centers

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Acute Chest Pain Center, UAB
Purpose: To diagnose patients with possible acute coronary syndromes in a more accurate, efficient and safe manner; and to provide wider and faster administration of treatments known to improve care for these patients.
Director: Silvio E. Papapietro, M.D.
Approval Date: 11/19/1999

Advanced Surgical Aesthetics, Center for
Purpose: To serve as a multidisciplinary center of excellence in the field of aesthetic surgery.
Director: Jorge de la Torre, M.D.
Approval Date: 11/09/2001

AIDS Research, Center for
Purpose: To support a multidisciplinary environment that promotes basic clinical, behavioral and translational research in the prevention, detection and treatment of HIV infection and AIDS.
Director: Michael S. Saag, M.D.
Approval Date: 12/09/1988

Alabama Institute of Minimally Invasive Surgery

Purpose: To provide outstanding patient care, as well as comprehensive training and research opportunities for surgeons in every specialty.
Director: Ronald Clements, M.D.
Approval Date: 11/09/2001

Alabama Organ Center
Purpose: To provide families an opportunity to donate organs and tissues, to support these families regardless of their decision, and to promote equitable utilization of these gifts to others.
Director: Devin E. Eckhoff, M.D.

Alabama Transplant Center
Purpose: To support and facilitate the organ transplant programs so that clinical transplantation is provided to patients in Alabama and the Southeast and considered to be the best in the country.
Director: John J. Curtis, M.D.

Alzheimer's Disease Center
Purpose: To alleviate the morbidity and mortality associated with Alzheimer's Disease (AD) and related disorders and improving the quality of life for suffers of AD and related disorders, and their families.
Director: Daniel C. Marson, Ph.D.
Approval Date: 12/13/1991

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Biomatrix Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (BERM) Center
Purpose: To advance our understanding of the underlying biological and biomechanical mechanisms of medical implants and to use this knowledge to develop new and novel implant designs.
Co-directors: Joanne E. Murphy-Ullrich, Ph.D., and Timothy M. Wick, Ph.D.
Approval Date: 4/19/1996 (name change), 11/10/06 (name change)

Burn Center, UAB
Purpose: To provide a special team approach for the treatment of burn injuries to help wounds heal as quickly as possible and give patients the best possible care through the most advanced treatment methods.
Director: James M. Cross, M.D.

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Chemoprevention Center
Purpose:r />Civitan International Research Center
Purpose: To improve the well-being and the quality of life of individuals and families affected by mental retardation and developmental disabilities; to expand knowledge about human develo To determine, through basic and clinical research, the role of chemoprevention agents in the prevention of cancer.
Director: Clinton Grubbs, Ph.D.
Approval Date: 3/20/1998
Director: Harold W. Sontheimer, Ph.D.
Approval Date: 9/22/1989

Cleft and Craniofacial Center, UAB
Purpose: To deliver the highest quality treatment for patients with facial differences.
Director: John H. Grant, III, M.D.
Approval date: 4/20/2001, 9/20/2002 (name change)

Clinical and Translational Science, UAB Center for
Purpose: To serve as the focal point for UAB's efforts to encourage and facilitate clinical and translational research.
Director: Robert P. Kimberly, M.D.
Approval Date: 2/3/2006, 6/20/2008 (confirmed)

Community Outreach Development (CORD), Center for
Purpose: To advance the outreach efforts of UAB in the Birmingham community.
Director: J. Michael Wyss, Ph.D.
Approval date: 6/26/1998 

Comprehensive Arthritis, Musculoskeletal and Autoimmunity Center
Purpose: To generate new understanding and apply knowledge to the diagnosis and treatment of patients with arthritis and musculoskeletal diseases. Goals include integrating and promoting fundamental research with clinical care, developing and applying new diagnostics and therapeutics, educating the public about arthritis and musculoskeletal diseases, and training future investigators and health care professionals.
Director: Robert P. Kimberly, M.D.
Approval Date: 6/20/2008 (name change)

Comprehensive Cancer Center
Purpose: To provide the most up-to-date and effective care to cancer patients; to advance the nation's scientific understanding of cancer; and to translate new knowledge into improved diagnosis, treatment and prevention.
Director: Edward E. Partridge, M.D.

Comprehensive Cardiovascular Center at UAB
Purpose: To improve outcomes for patients through excellence in clinical care and advances in the science of cardiovascular disease through interdisciplinary collaboration.
Director: Sumanth D. Prabhu, M.D., James K. Kirklin, M.D., Co-Director
Approval Date: 2/3/2012

Comprehensive Center for Healthy Aging
Purpose: To improve the health and well-being of older adults and their family members through research, education, community programs, and specialty care.
Director:  Richard M. Allman, M.D.
(4/12/2013 name change)

Comprehensive Community Mental Health Center

Director: Jacqueline M. Feldman, M.D.

Comprehensive Diabetes Center
Purpose: Through research and clinical efforts, facilitate the translation of basic medical discoveries into effective therapies for diabetes.
Director: Anath Shalev, M.D.
Approval Date: 9/15/2006

Comprehensive Neuroscience Center, UAB
Purpose: To promote and support interdisciplinary neuroscience research, clinical care, and education at UAB.
Director: Lori McMahon, Ph.D (effective 1/17/2012)
Approval Date: 9/15/2006

Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center
Purpose: To develop new strategies to treat and cure sickle cell disease.
Co-Directors: Josef T. Prchal, M.D., Tim M. Townes, Ph.D.
Approval Date: 12/14/1995

Comprehensive Stroke Research Center
Purpose: To provide comprehensive clinical care through prevention, evaluation, diagnosis, management, and rehabilitation of stroke victims.
Director: David Standaert, M.D.
Approval Date: 4/21/1995 (name change)

Comprehensive Transplant Institute
Purpose: To work to improve outcomes for patients through excellence in clinical care and advances in the science of transplantation.
Director: Devin E. Eckoff, M.D.
Approval Date: 11/4/2011

Comprehensive Youth Violence Center
Purpose: To enhance the health of our nation's youth by reducing health risk behaviors, decreasing morbidity, mortality, and disability; and fostering positive health outcomes and educational achievement.
Approval Date: 4/19/2002

Computational and Structural Dynamics, Center for
Purpose: To support the more efficient and effective use of institutional resources by providing an infrastructure that will enhance interdisciplinary research through communication, coordination of research initiatives and sharing of resources.
Director: Jere P. Segrest, M.D.
Approval Date: 11/05/2004, 9/19/2008 (name change)

Continuing Education, Health Services
Purpose: To coordinate continuing education programs for the Department of Health Services Administration.
Interim Director: Gerald L. Glandon, Ph.D.

Contraceptive Research and Technology Transfer, Center for
Purpose: To translate research into viable products and services which will have a national and international impact on reproductive health and issues.
Director: Richard E. Blackwell, M.D.
Approval Date: 6/26/1998

Craniofacial, Oral and Dental Disorders, Global Center for
Purpose:  To provide an inter-and multidisciplinary integrated forum for the diagnosis, treatment, development of novel therapeutics, gene discovery, student, resident and faculty training, education of the community, nation and the world related to disorders and syndromes of craniofacial, oral complex and dentition.
Director:  Mary MacDougall, Ph.D.
Approval Date:  9/14/2012

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Deep South Center for Occupational Health and Safety
Purpose: To develop professionals who protect and promote the health and safety of workers through interdisciplinary education, research, and outreach.
Director: Kent Oestenstad, Ph.D.

Deep South Resource Center for Minority Aging Research
Purpose: To serve as a research-based and mentoring investment in the process of closing the health disparities gap between African American and non-minority older adults,
Director: Richard M. Allman, M.D.
Approval Date: 4/11/2008

Development of Functional Imaging, UAB Center for the
Purpose: To advance the visual and neural sciences through the development and experimental validation of innovative imaging technologies.
Director: Paul D. R. Gamlin, Ph.D.
Approval Date: 9/20/2002

Diabetes Research and Training Center

Purpose: To promote excellence in diabetes research in order to decrease morbidity and mortality and increase the quality of life of diabetes patients.
Director: W. Timothy Garvey, M.D.
Approval Date: 6/20/2008

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Economic Education, Center for
Purpose: To promote economic and financial literacy by providing continuing economic education resources for teachers in both public and private school systems.
Director: Sarah E. Culver, Ph.D.
Approval Date: 12/4/1987 (information item)

Educational Accountability, Center for
Purpose: To promote the improvement of educational outcomes of students, schools, and agencies through responsive and valid data-based decisions focused on reform.
Director: Scott W. Snyder, Ph.D.
Approval Date: 12/14/1995

Education and Research on Therapeutics (CERTs) of Musculoskeletal Disorders, UAB Center for
Purpose: To identify variations in the use of musculoskeletal therapeutics and to conduct studies that are responsive to the needs of the musculoskeletal medical community and result in meaningful change in provider behavior and patient-level outcomes.
Director: Kenneth G. Saag, M.D.
Approval Date: 9/14/2000

Emerging Drug Discovery, UAB Center for
Purpose: To provide a UAB campus-based center for drug development.
Director: Richard Whitley, M.D., Henry Wang, M.D., Co-Director
Approval Date: 6/6/2006 (creation through merger), 2/3/2012 (name change)

Engel Psychiatric Day Treatment Center
Purpose: To serve the community with a quality facility for inpatient school and outpatient day treatment where children with specific psychiatric needs benefit from highly individualized curricula and coordination of care.
Director: Jacqueline M. Feldman, M.D.

English Language Institute
Purpose: To foster communication among cultures through innovative English language courses and cross-cultural training opportunities.
Director: Rebekah Ranew Trinh
Approval Date: 2/6/2009, 11/4/2011 (name change)

Environment Awareness Research Technology and Health (EARTH) Center
Purpose: To aggressively address environmental awareness, research, technology, and health issues as a partner with industry and government.
Director: Fouad Fouad, Ph.D.
Approval Date: 6/24/1994

Epilepsy Center, UAB
Purpose: To promote patient care, research and education in the field of epilepsy; and to prevent, treat and cure epilepsy.
Acting Director: Jerzy Szaflarski, M.D.
Approval Date: 4/3/1986

Exercise Medicine, UAB Center for
Purpose: To improve the health of Alabama's adults and children through the establishment of new interdisciplinary research programs while educating health care professionals to utilize exercise as part of their clinical health treatments.
Director: Marcas M. Bamman, Ph.D.
Approval Date: 2/5/2011

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Free Radical Biology, Center for
Purpose: To serve as a framework for centralizing and advancing basic research and clinical investigation related to free radical biology, a critical component of inflammatory reactions and cell signaling mechanisms.
Director: Victor Darley-Usmar, Ph.D.
Approval Date: 4/19/1996

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Gene Therapy Center

Purpose: To foster the development of the basic science of gene therapy, the clinical science of gene therapy, and gene therapy traineeship.
Approval Date: 2/19/1999

Geriatric Education Center
Purpose: To provide geriatric training opportunities and outreach activities aimed toward improving the quality of life for the geriatric population.
Director: Richard M. Allman, M.D.
Approval Date: 4/3/1986

Glial Biology in Medicine, UAB Center for
Purpose: To support basic and clinical research on the biology of glial cells which have been recognized to be of critical importance in many brain and spinal cord injuries and neurological disorders.
Director: Harold W. Sontheimer, Ph.D.
Approval Date: 2/3/2006

William Crawford Gorgas Center for Geographic Medicine
Purpose: To provide leadership in tropical and preventive medicine; to develop and oversee research and training at the forefront of biomedical science; and to support international health programs in the fields of research, education, program development, administration, and public service.
Director: David Freedman, M.D.
Approval Date: 9/9/1988 (original approval), 6/16/1989 (name change), 10/30/1992 (additional action)

Gregory Fleming James Cystic Fibrosis Research Center
Purpose: To provide a mechanism where separate traditional, newly-developed and future disciplines can be effectively coordinated to establish the genetic and biochemical bases of cystic fibrosis (CF); and to improve the quality of care for those with CF.
Director: Eric J. Sorscher, M.D.

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Health Informatics for Patient Safety/Quality, Center for
Purpose: To disseminate new approaches to the development, implementation, evaluation, and management of healthcare information and healthcare information technology.
Director: Eta Berner, Ph.D.
Approval Date: 9/16/2011

Healthcare Management and Leadership, Center for
Purpose: To coordinate continuing education programs for the Department of Health Services Administration.
Director: Jerry "Mickey" Trimm, Ph.D.
Approval Date:  6/13/14 (name change)

Heart and Vascular Research Center, UAB
Purpose: To improve the efficiency with which patients entering the UAB Health System, with cardiovascular-related illnesses, are treated; to provide community education to prevent cardiovascular diseases; and to participate in screenings to identify those at risk of heart diseases, and to coordinate unified fundraising activities.
Co-Directors: Robert C. Bourge, M.D., Edward Colvin, M.D., and Albert Pacifico, M.D.
Approval Date: 11/19/1999, 4/18/2003 (name change), 10/1/2004 (name change)

Heart Failure Research, Center for

Purpose: To identify common and unique pathogenic mechanisms for chronic heart failure and to employ novel therapeutic strategies in patients in order to design targeted interventions to reduce the morbidity and mortality due to heart failure.
Director: Louis J. Dell'Italia, M.D.
Approval Date: 9/19/2003

Howell and Elizabeth Heflin Center for Genomic Sciences
Purpose: To bring together the UAB community of genetic investigators and to develop a robust technologic infrastructure to support genetic and genomic research at UAB.
Acting Director: Bruce R. Korf, M.D.
Approval Date: 12/12/1996, 6/19/2009 (name change)

Human Rights, Institute
Purpose:  Will employ innovative technologies and scientific methods to integrate existing UAB and community strengths to create and foster new research, policy solutions, outreach activities and educational programming relating to all aspects of human rights, including training programs in such areas as diversity awareness, sexual harassment prevention and effective communication in the workplace to business, industry, and government entities.
Approval Date:  6/19/2014

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Injury Sciences, Center for
Purpose: To provide a multidisciplinary focus for the care of injured patients and for research related to both prevention and treatment of injuries.
Director: Loring W. Rue, III, MD
Approval Date: 9/17/1999

Institute of Oral Health Research
Purpose: To provide an umbrella organization that will promote, facilitate and concentrate all research activities conducted within the School of Dentistry.
Director: Mary B. MacDougall, Ph.D.
Approval Date: 11/05/2004

International Tuberculosis Center
Purpose: To conduct research, provide clinical services, and promote educational initiatives to combat the spread of tuberculosis.
Director: Michael E. Kimerling, M.D.
Approval Date: 2/15/2001

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Center, UAB
Purpose: To serve as a regional leader in the treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases by providing clinical, educational, research resources and opportunities to patients, scientists and health care providers.
Director: Ernesto R. Drelichman, M.D.
Approval Date: 9/16/2005

Informatics Institute, UAB
Purpose: To work in tandem with UAB's Personalized Medicine Institute and the UAB-HudsonAlpha Center for Genomic Medicine to enlist scientists and physicians to target a multitude of diseases and disorders.
Approval Date:  6/19/2014

Information Assurance and Joint Forensics Research, UAB Center for
Purpose: To create and promulgate innovative solutions to rapidly emerging and enduring threats to global, domestic, and regional commerce and safety using state-of-the art research.
Director: Anthony Skjellum, Ph.D.
Approval Date: 4/7/2011

Injury Control Research Center, UAB
Purpose: To help the nation achieve an accelerated reduction in injury-related morbidity, mortality and disability, particularly in the southeastern United Sates.
Director: P. Russ Fine, Ph.D.
Approval Date: 6/26/1986, 2/10/1989 (name change)
(See also University Transportation Center)

Integrated Systems, UAB Center for
Purpose: To provide diverse efforts that will allow for collaborations between researchers in various fields of medicine, sciences, and engineering.
Director: Murat Tanik, Ph.D.
Approval Date: 9/26/1985, 11/4/2011 (name change)

Interprofessional Education & Simulation, Center for (CIPES)
Purpose: To bring together students and other learners from multiple schools across campus, together with faculty and staff from the UAB Health System, into a cohesive and integrated system of interprofessional education and training.
Director: Robert R. Rich, M.D.
Approval Date: 6/19/2015

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Joint Replacement, Center for
Purpose: To combine state-of-the-art surgery for the hip and knee with improvements in patient education and patient satisfaction.
Director: John M. Cuckler, M.D.
Approval Date: 2/19/1999

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Lister Hill Center for Health Policy

Purpose: To facilitate the conduct of health policy research, to disseminate the findings of that research beyond the usual academic channels, and to sponsor the health policy fellowship program.
Director: Michael A. Morrisey, Ph.D.
Approval Date: 4/3/1986

Liver Center, UAB
Purpose: To provide specialized care to children and adults with all types of liver and biliary tract disease, to develop clinical and basic research programs to support clinical care activities for such individuals, and to educate the profession and public about liver disease.
Director: Joseph R. Bloomer, M.D.
Approval Date: 9/17/1993

Low Vision Rehabilitation, UAB Center for
Purpose: To provide quality patient care, teaching, and research to advance knowledge in the area of vision rehabilitation.
Director: Dawn DeCarlo, O.D.
Approval Date: 9/20/2002

Lung Health Center
Purpose: To provide treatment, education and research programs related to the prevention and management of lung diseases.
Director: Lynn B. Gerald, Ph.D.
Approval Date: 12/4/1986

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Management Study, Center for
Approval Date: 5/6/1988

Evelyn F. McKnight Brain Institute (MBI)

Purpose: To advance the understanding of the biological basis of the effects of the normal aging process on the human brain's capacity for learning and memory through fundamental research.
Director: J. David Sweatt, Ph.D. (effective 2/01/2006)
Approval Date: 11/05/2004

Mental Retardation Research Center
Purpose: To increase scientific knowledge about basic brain development, particularly factors related to intellectual functioning, mental retardation, and developmental disabilities; to develop and test the efficacy of preventive interventions; and, to ameliorate the personal, familial, and societal consequences of mental retardation and developmental disabilities through effective treatment strategies.
Director: Alan K. Percy, M.D.
Approval Date: 11/17/2000

Metabolic Bone Disease, Center for
Purpose: To provide a broad-based multidisciplinary research, training, and service center focused on metabolic bone disease with a general mission to support, catalyze, and integrate clinical activities, clinical research, basic research, and education.
Director: Majd Zayzafoon, M.D.
Approval Date: 4/19/1996

Minority Health and Health Disparities Research Center, UAB
Purpose: To provide UAB researchers with an infrastructure to develop and conduct innovative research ideas for improving the health status of minority groups and expand the participation of minorities in biomedical and behavioral research; and to identify and support research opportunities to reduce health disparities in underserved populations through the partnership with UAB schools and centers and with other state agencies and grassroots organizations in minority communities.
Director: Mona N. Fouad, M.D.
Approval Date: 9/20/2002, 9/19/2008 (name change)

Mucosal HIV and Immunobiology Center
Purpose: To develop a comprehensive university-wide program for research in the immunobiology of mucosal diseases.
Director: Phillip D. Smith, M.D.
Approval Date: 4/07/06

Multiple Sclerosis Center
Purpose: To foster clinical and fundamental research on multiple sclerosis and related diseases; to provide clinical and research training in multiple sclerosis and related diseases; and to evaluate and treat acute and chronic multiple sclerosis and related diseases.
Director: Khurram Bashir, M.D.

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Nanoscale Materials and Biointegration, Center for
Purpose: To focus on the synthesis and characterization of nanoscale materials and structures with applicability and integration into the biomedical arena.
Director: Yogesh K. Vohra, Ph.D.
Approval Date: 2/3/2006

Nephrology Research and Training Center
Purpose: To support research and training directed at the following: providing new insights into the molecular physiology and regulatory mechanisms that control renal hemodynamics and tubular transport function; diagnosing, treating, and preventing kidney and urinary tract diseases and hypertension; improving health and well-being of those affected by kidney and urinary tract diseases and hypertension; increasing the number of organs available for renal transplants; and enhancing public awareness of important health issues related to kidney and urinary tract diseases and hypertension.
Director: Anupam Agarwal, M.D.

Neurodegeneration and Experimental Therapeutics (CNET), UAB Center for
Purpose: To promote the discovery of novel treatments for neurodegenerative disorders, to teach scientists and clinicians about these diseases, and to facilitate the application of these discoveries to clinical care of patients.
Co-Directors: Andy West, Ph.D. and Erik Roberson, M.D.
Approval Date: 2/2/2007

Neuroimmunology, Center for
Purpose: To foster clinical and fundamental research on neuroimmunologic processes and diseases; to provide clinical and research training in Neuroimmunology; and to evaluate and treat acute and chronic neurological and neuromuscular diseases which are caused by autoimmune mechanisms or linked to presumed abnormalities affecting the immune system.
Director: J. Edwin Blalock, Ph.D., Khurram Bashir, M.D., Co-Director

Nursing Research, Center for
Purpose: To initiate, innovate, facilitate and support the development, implementation & evaluation of nursing & healthcare research that can improve the health, well-being and quality of life of individuals, families and communities.
Director: Karen Meneses, Ph.D.

Nutrition Obesity Research Center
Purpose: To foster a multidisciplinary approach to basic, clinical and translational research with an emphasis on understanding the metabolic factors, environmental influences, and associated genetic traits underlying nutrition and obesity-related health problems.
Director: David B. Allison, Ph.D.
Approval Date: 12/12/1996, 2/18/2000 (name change), 11/6/2009 (name change)

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Outcomes and Effectiveness Research and Education (COERE), Center for
To build and maintain a successful program of research targeted at improving the quality and outcomes of health care by: using interdisciplinary teams to test innovations that promote evidence-based practice, reduce inequities in care for under-served and minority populations, and improve quality of life and functional outcomes for patients; developing and testing innovative methods with application to important questions in the delivery of health care; training and mentoring students, fellows and faculty in these methods; and serving as a resource to UAB faculty, health care systems, related organizations, government, and philanthropy to further disseminate outcomes research knowledge and expertise.
Director: Kenneth G. Saag, M.D.
Approval Date: 12/4/1998

Optical Sensors and Spectroscopies, Center for
Purpose: To improve sensor techniques using recently developed revolutionary laser and spectroscopic technologies for detecting of biological, chemical, environmental, and explosive agents with high sensitivity.
Director: Chris M. Lawson, Ph.D.
Approval Date: 12/12/1996, 9/16/2005 (name change)

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Palliative and Supportive Care, UAB Center for
Purpose: To serve patients and families experiencing life-threatening, life-limiting, or advanced illness by providing compassionate clinical care, demonstrating leadership in teaching health professionals and trainees, conducting collaborative research, and influencing health care delivery and public policy.
Director: Rodney O. Tucker, M.D. (effective 1/01/12)
Approval Date: 11/17/2000

Pancreaticobiliary Center, UAB
Purpose: To provide a comprehensive, centralized, multidisciplinary approach to the diagnosis and innovative treatment of complex pancreaticobiliary diseases.
Co-Directors: Mohamad A. Eloubeidi, M.D., Selwyn M. Vickers, M.D., and Mel Wilcox, M.D.
Approval Date: 9/17/1999

Parkinson's Disease Information and Referral Center
Purpose: To provide support to families and patients suffering from Parkinson's Disease by offering patients top-notch clinical treatment, educational, emotional, and political support to patients and their families, and performs basic science research of Parkinson's disease.
Director: David G. Standaert, M.D.
Approval Date: 1/22/1987

Pediatric-Onset Demyelinating Disease (CPODD), Center for
Purpose: To provide comprehensive multidisciplinary care for children and teens with MS and other CNS demyelinating diseases.
Director: Jayne Ness, M.D.
Approval Date: 9/15/06

Pediatric Pulmonary Center
Purpose: To improve the health and well-being of the nation's children and youth, and especially those with special health care needs.
Co-Directors: James S. Hagood, M.D., Nancy Woolridge

Personalized Medicine Institute
Purpose: To tailor the selection and dosing of medications based on a patient's genetic makeup and clinical characteristics to provide more effective therapies.
Director: Nita Limdi, Pharm.D., Ph.D.
Approval: 6/19/2014

Psychiatric Medicine, Center for
Purpose: To offer comprehensive mental health services and treatment for child, adolescent, adult and elderly patients at all levels of care.
Director: Rayford Thweatt, M.D.
Approval Date: 9/13/1991

Pulmonary Injury and Repair Center, UAB
Purpose: To promote, support, and enhance cutting-edge research on lung biology, including studies of disease through translational investigation in humans.
Director: Sadis Matalon, Ph.D.
Approval Date: 6/20/2008

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Recessive Polycystic Kidney Disease Core Center, UAB
Purpose: To advance the understanding of disease mechanisms, enhance diagnostic specificity and expand therapeutic approaches in polycystic kidney disease patients.
Approval Date: 9/16/2005

Regional Maxillofacial Prosthetics Treatment and Training Center
Purpose: To use a multidisciplinary approach restoring missing parts of the mouth and face by fabricating an array of prosthesis for rehabilitation following surgery, trauma, or treatment of congenital abnormalities.
Interim Director: Ruth Aponte-Wesson, D.D.S.
Approval Date:

Research in Applied Gerontology, Center for

Purpose: To develop and evaluate interventions which will allow older individuals to remain independent and to experience a high quality of life.
Director: Karlene Ball, Ph.D.
Approval Date: 9/27/1996

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Sales Leadership, Center for
Purpose: To serve the needs of the mid-south region of the United States for initial and ongoing professional sales training.
Director: Karen Kennedy, Ph.D.
Approval Date: 9/19/2008

Skin Diseases Research Center

Purpose: To generate new knowledge that will have a substantive impact on the treatment and prevention of diseases of the skin.
Director: Craig A. Elmets, M.D.
Approval Date: 2/04/2005

Sleep-Wake Disorders Center
Purpose: To provide the highest quality evaluation and treatment to patients with sleep disorders, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and equipment using a multidisciplinary approach.
Director: Susan M. Harding, M.D.
Approval Date: 12/5/1985

Social Medicine and Sexually-Transmitted Diseases, Center for
Purpose: To foster intellectual creativity and promote the growth of interdisciplinary research on the social determinants of health and disease, and on societal norms and values which influence the delivery of health care services.
Co-Directors: William Cockerham, Ph.D., Edward W. Hook, III, M.D.
Approval Date: 12/14/1995, 12/12/1996 (name change)

South Central Center for Public Health Preparedness
Purpose: To design assessments and train public health practitioners to prepare for and respond to public health threats and emergencies, particularly those which may be bioterrorist in nature.
Director: Peter M. Ginter, Ph.D.
Approval Date: 6/18/2004

Southeast Center for Excellence in Geriatric Medicine
Purpose: To provide advanced academic training for physicians preparing for careers in geriatric medicine.
Director: Richard M. Allman, M.D.
Approval Date: 6/26/1998

Spain Rehabilitation Center
Purpose: To serve as a leader and advocate for the physically and cognitively challenged individual; to serve the individual who demonstrates rehabilitative potential; to provide support and education to individuals and their families, as well as employers and educators; and to conduct research in order to discover new methods, equipment and technologies.
Director: Amie B. Jackson, M.D.

Sparkman Center for Global Health
Purpose: To contribute to solutions of health problems in developing countries by implementing graduate-level training and educational programs that are organized collaboratively with academic institutions, international agencies and health ministries within the host country.
Director: Craig Wilson, M.D.
Approval Date: 10/26/1979, 11/05/2004 (name change)

Sparks Center for Developmental and Learning Disorders
Purpose: To improve the well-being of the lives of individuals and families - especially those with or at risk for developmental disabilities - through research and exemplary clinical services.
Director: LaTamia White-Green, M.D.

Stem Cell Institute, UAB
Purpose: To develop patient-specific, pluripotent stem cell therapies to correct sickle cell disease and other inherited and acquired disorders.
Director: Tim M. Townes, Ph.D.
Approval Date: 6/19/2009

Structural Biology, Center for
Purpose: To increase faculty awareness of research capabilities to structural biology, faculty recruitment in areas related to structural biology, and grant funding in structural biology.
Director: Lawrence J. DeLucas, O.D.
Approval Date: 6/15/2012

Study of Community Health, Center for
Purpose: To conduct and facilitate research to guide programs and policies that promote the vitality of community health.
Director: Max Michael, III, M.D.
Approval Date: 6/16/06 (creation through merger)

Study of Ethics and Values in the Sciences, Center for the
Purpose: To promote research, public discussion and teaching on ethical issues related to modern science.
Interim Director: Scott Snyder, Ph.D.
Approval Date: 6/26/1998

Surgical Research, Center for
Purpose: To foster research and instruction in the areas of trauma, hemorrhage, sepsis, burn injury, and surgical critical care; and to translate experimental studies to the bedside using novel treatment modalities so that septic complications and mortality rates in trauma patients can be decreased.
Director: Irshad H. Chaudry, Ph.D.
Approval Date: 11/17/2000

Sustainable Smart Cities Research Center, UAB
Purpose: To coordinate multi-disciplinary research in the area of sustainable infrastructure systems.
Director: Fouad H. Fouad, Ph.D., P.E.
Approval Date: 6/24/1994, 2/3/2012 (name change)

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UAB-HudsonAlpha Center for Genomic Medicine
Purpose: To explore the complexities of human DNA to understand the genetic underpinnings for the onset and progression of diseases and to use that knowledge to predict, diagnose and develop personalized therapies.
Co-Directors: Bruce Korf, M.D. and Richard M. Myers, Ph.D.
Approval Date:  6/19/2014

University Transportation Center
Purpose: To advance technology in transportation education, research and technology transfer over multiple disciplines.
Approval Date: 9/18/1998, 12/4/1998
(1) Management and Safety (UA, UAB, UAH)
Director: Fouad Fouad, Ph.D.
(2) Injury Conrol Research
Director: P. Russ Fine, Ph.D.

Urban Education, Center for
Purpose: To promote quality education for socially and economically disenfranchised groups residing in urban areas.
Director: Deborah L. Voltz, Ed.D.
Approval Date: 6/20/2008

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Vaccine Center
Purpose: To foster vaccine research with an emphasis on mucosal vaccine development.
Co-Directors: David E. Briles, Ph.D., Kohtaro Fujihashi, D.D.S., Hiroshi Kiyono, D.D.S., and Jiri Mesteky, M.D.
Approval Date: 6/22/1990

Vision Science Research Center
Purpose: To promote vision science research, facilitate collaborative research, and add to the scientific knowledge of the eye and central visual pathways leading to improved diagnosis, treatment and prevention of blindness and visual impairment.
Director: Steven J. Pittler, Ph.D.

Voice Treatment Center, UAB
Purpose: To bring together medical and vocal expertise to evaluate and treat individuals who use their voices as a primary part of their profession.
Director: William R. Carroll, M.D.
Approval Date: 9/17/1999

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Wine and Cardiovascular Health, Center for
Purpose: To define the mechanisms of the benefit of moderate alcohol/wine consumption on the overall risk for thrombosis, atherothrombosis and myocardial infarction.
Director: Dale A. Parks, Ph.D.
Approval Date: 4/16/2004

Women's Reproductive Health - Website under development, Center for
Purpose: To conduct research aimed at improving the health of all women, especially minority and underserved women and their families; and to bring researchers and developing scholars interested in women's health issues at UAB into a more formal research collaboration.
Director: Dwight J. Rouse, M.D.
Approval Date: 9/17/1993, 12/12/1996 (name change), 4/07/06 (name change)

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