UAB Information Technology has set a new focus on research computing. UAB IT isan organization that has set its sights on a world-class reputation and is quickly making its mark with world-class technology —including one of thefastest supercomputersin Alabama and the fastest internet among Alabama universities — and a commitment to investing heavily in high performance computing and research computing with a planned investment of $5 million per year.

As of August 2016, UAB’s Cheahahigh performance computing cluster — at 110 teraflops, powered by Dell EMC — consists of a mix of Dell EMC PowerEdge 13th Generation Servers, all with Intel 24-core Haswell processors, 36x128GB RAM nodes, 38x256GB RAM nodes, 14x384GB RAM, four nodes with nVidia K80 GPU cards, and four nodes with Intel Xeon Phi cards. The HPCC is connected with Mellanox Infiniband FDR 56Gb/s high-speed switches for parallel computations and Dell Networking 40Gb Ethernet for storage access at 10Gb Ethernet to each node.The storage platform uses Data Direct Networks, providing 6.6 PB raw/5.2 PB usable capacity via Infiniband and 40GB Ethernet.Bright Computing Advanced Cluster Management software provides complete management of the cluster.

UAB has more than $500 million in annual research and development expenditures and secures more research funding every year than all other universities in Alabama combined, bringing high-impact innovations, as well as jobs and a tremendous economic benefit to Birmingham, Alabama and beyond. UAB is Alabama’slargest single employer and has an annual economic impact exceeding $5 billion in the state.

The University is ranked first by U.S. News & World Report among universities in Alabama and 67th nationwide, it is also in the top 25 of midsize employers in the U.S., according to Forbes magazine and is the top research university in Alabama. With $225 million in NIH funding in FY2014, UAB is ranked 10th among public universities for NIH funding.