TechTools launching soon: Get a computer in a day


Imagine ordering a bundled computer package for a new employee — desktop or laptop, keyboard, mouse, monitor — and getting it delivered in less than a day.

UAB IT is preparing to debut TechTools, a new program through which the university will maintain a stock of Dell computers and accessories that will help streamline the ordering process, reducing a three-week timeline to 24 hours.

“TechTools allows customers to place a single request for a new computer bundle, which our team can then deliver within a working day once payment is approved,” said Jamie Witter, associate director for IT Client Services.

TechTools will launch in pilot form later this month for select Desktop Services customers. It is expected to expand to all campus academic and business units later this year.

Currently, customers must request a quote from UAB IT Desktop Services, then order and receive the equipment, then create another request to have the equipment prepared and installed — a process which can take upwards of three weeks.

The TechTools program streamlines the process so that customers make one request, choosing from a set of stock computer models, with the option to bundle accessories as needed. Once payment goes through the approval process, UAB IT Desktop can install the new computer, which is already configured to UAB standards.

UAB IT has negotiated reduced pricing for standard models, so UAB can expect further savings on computer purchases.

Last modified on February 06, 2019