Duo 2-factor authentication to be requirement for students, faculty, campus staff

Beginning in March, UAB will roll out a plan to require faculty, staff and students to use Duo two-factor authentication to protect their BlazerID credentials.

Passwords alone no longer provide adequate protection against cyberattacks. Duo two-factor authentication adds a second layer of security to your BlazerID account. Attempts have been made by cyber criminals to change direct deposit information in order to steal student refunds and UAB employee paychecks. Duo was implemented to protect UAB students, faculty and staff against such attacks.

Once you sign up for Duo, you will use a smart phone, analog phone or UAB-provided token to finish logging in to UAB systems. You’ll use that credential to approve or deny login attempts on new devices or browsers — so you have control if someone else tries to log in with your BlazerID. Kronos and Canvas do not require Duo two-factor authentication to log in, but email, Oracle and many other systems do.

Students, faculty and campus staff can sign up for Duo at any time at uab.edu/2factor, where you can also learn more about the initiative and the various methods for using Duo two-factor.

And the best part? When you enroll in Duo, you never have to change your BlazerID password again, unless your password is compromised.

If you do not voluntarily enroll in Duo, you will be automatically enrolled.

  • The automatic enrollment process for students will begin after students have registered for classes for the upcoming term.
  • The automatic enrollment process for campus employees and faculty will begin March 18.

Check out the two-factor web site to learn more about the methods for using Duo two-factor authentication, as well as instructions for installing Duo on your smart phone or tablet and

Last modified on March 04, 2019