Outlook for web makes improvements in Tasks, To-Do

MS To Do DS 1

Tired of missing deadlines or juggling activities? Now you can expand your use of Tasks in Outlook for web with a new integration with Microsoft To-Do.

Outlook features a Tasks system for tracking and managing activities. This feature had been isolated to the Outlook app, but with a new update it is now integrated into the Office 365 suite online via Microsoft To-Do.

Tasks functionality within Outlook remains the same, but users of To-Do will see their To-Do tasks synchronized into Outlook clients. Likewise, Tasks created in Outlook will appear in To-Do.

View Tasks in your Outlook web client at mail.uab.edu (just click the checkmark in the bottom left-hand corner).

And check out Microsoft To-Do in the Office 365 portal at to-do.office.com. Learn more about To-Do and Tasks here.

Last modified on March 12, 2020