New area code means new campus dialing procedures

New AL Area Code DS

UAB will have new dialing procedures for campus phones with the addition of a new area code for western central Alabama, including Jefferson County.

Existing 205 phone numbers will remain the same, but some new phone numbers will be assigned the new 659 area code, which will impact dialing on campus.

The new dialing procedures will be phased in for local calls and then for long-distance calls.

Beginning Sept. 6, 2019, UAB will phase in the new dialing procedures. The transition period will allow you to become accustomed to the new dialing procedures and give departments time to reprogram certain equipment, such as fax machines or security systems, for the new dialing methods.

The new dialing procedure is simple — just dial 9 + the 10-digit number for all local calls.

Beginning Oct. 12, 2019, old dialing procedures for local and long-distance calls will no longer work, so dialing local numbers with 9 + 7 digits or long-distance numbers with 9 + 1+10 digits will not connect your call.

Dial 9 + the 10-digit number for all local and long-distance calls.

On campus, 5-digit dialing will still be available.

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For additional questions, contact Comm-Repair at 205-934-7777.

Last modified on March 12, 2020