Research computing updates: OnDemand portal live, HIPAA compliance coming

UAB IT Research Computing discussed new features and changes for high-performance computing at UAB during a research computing town hall Sept. 11.

Among the topics that were discussed:

  • Basic HPC use through the OnDemand portal: Research Computing OnDemand allows researchers to use high performance computing tools within the familiar environment of a web browser. With OnDemand, HPC users can access compute resources through the click of a button in their web browser, rather than being required to navigate more traditional, complex, command line methods.
  • Globus: Globus is a service which enables fast, secure, and reliable data transfer and file sharing. The service also supports development of applications and science gateways to provide research data services. UAB is an active subscriber to the Globus service, and as such, UAB researchers can take advantage of its services. Utilizing Globus, transfer on and off campus to and from Cheaha storage or collaborator sites becomes much more feasible for large datasets.
  • Science DMZ: Science DMZ, which stands for the Science De-Militarized Zone, is a networking infrastructure aimed at providing a dedicated, high-speed network to support acquisition and sharing of large research data sets, a crucial resource in the era of Big Data. This technology makes Globus file transfer possible. The UAB Science DMZ is connected to Cheaha storage, allowing seamless transfers directly to storage ready for computation with Alabama’s fastest supercomputer.
  • HIPAA: HIPAA compliance on the Cheaha cluster will allow researchers to include computational workflows using Cheaha as a part of an IRB approved research protocol using patient information. Cheaha is in the process of becoming HIPAA certified and this process should be finalized this fall.
Last modified on March 12, 2020