Image generated by UAB Researcher selected for the cover of brochure for the Coalition for Academic Scientific Computation

The cover of 30th anniversary CASC brochure

An image generated by the research of a UAB investigator who uses the Cheaha supercomputer has been selected for the cover of the 30th anniversary brochure for the Coalition for Academic Scientific Computation.

CASC is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to advocate for finance and policy investment by federal funding agencies into advanced computing resources to support academic research. Neurology instructor Adam Goodman, Ph.D., the investigator who generated the image through his work in brain imaging, is a collaborator with UAB IT research computing and an active user of the Cheaha HPC resource. Goodman’s work enabled him to create a 3D map of connections in a human brain.

CASC’s annual brochure is an educational tool and has nationwide impact, and the image from Goodman’s research was chosen to represent the value and importance of high-performance computing in scientific research. The visualization represents the research data that are dependent on high-performance computing systems like the ones supported and encouraged by CASC.

Last modified on December 19, 2019