UAB IT grants will help build powerhouse research network

Researcher awards

UAB IT is building the largest academic compute cluster in Alabama and a powerhouse network that will be the foundation for groundbreaking research at the university.

A series of grants and other financial pledges will strengthen the current network that supports researchers at UAB, enabling better collaboration and innovation.

UAB has received $2 million in funding from several entities in recent weeks:

  • Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer Curt Carver, working in partnership with numerous departments, received a $500,000 grant from the Alabama Innovation Fund for a three petabyte research storage array.
  • UAB IT received $500,000 from the university’s Mission Support Fund, the largest grant to date from that fund, for research computing equipment.
  • Associate Professor Puri Bangalore, director of the Collaborative Computing Laboratory, received a $500,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to create a ScienceDMZ and separate research network that will allow UAB researchers to more easily and quickly connect with each other and other institutions.
  • Dr. Richard Marchese and the Office of Research and Economic Development have pledged $500,000 in ongoing operating funds for research computing.

HPC septembernewsletter“Advancing research and discovery is a fundamental pillar of our institutional mission. This enterprise-wide strategic investment in our research computing infrastructure is a necessary step to providing our researchers with a competitive edge and propelling UAB forward as one of the most dynamic and productive research universities of the 21st century,” President Ray L. Watts said.

Considered together, these enhancements will quadruple UAB’s current computing capability and storage and lead to a more than tenfold increase in networking speeds. Increased computational power adds capacity and will enhance the performance of UAB’s scientific modeling, imaging, genetic and statistical workloads. The first purchase under the new funding is being installed this summer, a new cluster that will be integrated into the existing research computing system, where it will complement existing storage and OpenStack on-premises cloud computing resources.

The UAB research committee, led by Dean Iwan Alexander, is considering even more ambitious capabilities as a component of a research computing strategic plan so as to empower UAB researchers. UAB’s motto of “knowledge that will change your world” is increasingly being created at UAB by UAB researchers.