UASRON project to strengthen data highway for researchers

UAB will take part in a plan to strengthen tenfold the data highway that connects researchers throughout the University of Alabama system. Slide1Click for larger image.

During 2016, the University of Alabama System Regional Optical Network (UASRON), which links the University of Alabama, UAB, and the University of Alabama-Huntsville to the Internet and Internet2, will be upgraded to support 100G connections.

UAB intends to make use of this capability to improve the connection to Internet2 before the end of 2016.

The primary benefit of these extreme bandwidths is to allow researchers to more easily utilize Internet2 access to supercomputers and data hubs sponsored by the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation. Examples include Oak Ridge National Labs, Texas Advanced Computer Center, and Cancer Genomics Hub at University of California-Santa Cruz.

The UASRON 100G upgrade complements the other 2016 upgrades planned for UAB researchers: the NSF-funded 40G UAB Research Network/Science DMZ and the State of Alabama-funded 3 petabytes of storage

In 2015, UAB also self-funded a 38-TFLOP upgrade to UAB’s high-performance computing cluster.
Last modified on November 30, 2015