UAB IT's Praise & Progress highlights successes, partnerships in department and across campus

When UAB IT needed a quick turnaround for opening TechConnect, its new tech storefront, at the Hill Student Center, UAB interior designer Janice Metallo was an integral part of its successful launch. 

“The store wouldn’t have opened without Janice,” said David Yother, assistant vice president for IT technology services. “She saw the vision for what we wanted in the store. She worked with us and with the vendor to get products designed within four weeks and then in the store within one week.”

Yother’s appreciation for Metallo’s work came at the first UAB IT Praise & Progress session, a new monthly event at which the department’s employees choose someone to praise — either within the department or in the larger campus community — and choose something about themselves for which they are proud.

Twelve employees spoke at the first Praise & Progress, and a third of those praised individuals outside UAB IT.

The exercise gives UAB IT employees a chance to speak about campus partnerships and accomplishments — and gives all UAB IT employees a chance to hear about how IT’s work affects the University’s mission.

Those outside UAB IT who are mentioned at Praise & Progress can expect to receive an email from Vice President and Chief Information Officer Dr. Curt Carver about the praise from their fellow University employees.

UAB IT’s monthly Praise & Progress sessions will give all of the department’s employees a chance to speak within two years, when the cycle starts again.
Last modified on April 28, 2016