Internet speed, capacity increases

A new partnership with content delivery network Akamai has increased internet speed and capacity for UAB, improving the potential for innovation and productivity for researchers, students, faculty and staff.

Akamai, a global leader in content delivery services, works as a caching server, storing content locally on the university network — clearing space for other traffic. Bandwidth should now increase 20 to 60 percent. For example, streaming Netflix content would be cached and delivered on campus, so users will see faster, higher quality video.

And because users across campus are not competing as much for internet bandwidth, capacity increases for researchers uploading their findings or staff members sharing documents. 

"We're changing from a scarcity mentality to an abundance mentality," said Chief Technology Officer Shawn Ellis, noting that in addition to increasing internet capacity, UAB IT has introduced unlimited email and unlimited storage through UABbox. "When you have abundance, innovation and productivity can happen."

UAB is the first university and the second institution in the state to sign on with the company. The city of Montgomery, with others, is also engaging in a partnership with Akamai.

UAB IT’s planned move to 100 GB connections is what made the university attractive to Akamai.
Last modified on August 30, 2016