New firewall posture will help protect UAB network and data

To better protect the campus network and sensitive data, UAB IT is updating and modernizing its campus edge protections to limit the impact of attempted intrusions by external attackers.

By the end of December, UAB will modify its border firewall posture to what is known as "default-deny," a best practice for enterprise environments. What this means is that only approved network services will be allowed; everything else will be denied to help protect the network and UAB employees' and students' data. 

Campus IT professionals can request a firewall rule change exception through a new form in the IT Service Portal.  

For more information about the change, please review our frequently asked questions.

The upcoming change does not impact any servers or services located within the UAB Health System network, as HSIS utilizes the default-deny firewall policy for their network segment.

If you have any specific technical questions, feel free to contact the Enterprise Information Security staff at 975-0842 or via email at