Faster network speeds, right to your desktop

1GB to Desktops UABIT

Your desktop computer’s connection to the UAB network is now 10 times faster after upgrades last month by UAB IT.

Campus desktops now have a 1-gigabit connection, upgraded from a 100 megabit connection which allows faculty and staff to take greater advantage of the 100 gigabits per second internet connection UAB IT debuted last fall.

Upgrading the network infrastructure was made possible by an investment from the University administration and UAB IT, said Shawn Ellis, associate vice president and chief technology officer.

“This is a more standard internet connection,” Ellis said, “giving faculty and staff network access that is 10 times faster than they previously had.”

The 1 gigabit connections to desktops are part of a larger investment in upgrading the campus network infrastructure, which has included implementing the 100 gigabit internet connection for campus; expanding WiFi access points across campus; and partnering with content delivery network Akamai to increase internet capacity and reduce access times for content.

“The result is that faculty, staff, researchers and students can do their work more efficiently and effectively”, said Dr. Curtis A. Carver Jr., vice president and chief information officer.

“Our aim is simply to make your technology life faster and easier so that you can help change the world,” Carver said.