New security posture screens potential attacks

UAB IT’s new firewall posture — known as “default-deny” — has significantly reduced potential outside attacks on the UAB network.

The new posture, “default-deny,” is a best practice for enterprise environments protect the campus community and better screen out unwanted or unexpected network activity. 

UAB’s attack surface has now dwindled from about 100,000 IP addresses to a little more than 2,100. Of those, most are publicly accessible web services or applications needed for University business, academic resources, collaboration or research.

This success of the new default-deny project is a result of co-authorship and partnership with IT professionals across campus.

The change does not impact any servers or services located within the UAB Health System network, as HSIS utilizes the default-deny firewall policy for their network segment.

If you have any specific technical questions, feel free to contact the Enterprise Information Security staff at 975-0842 or via email at