AskIT help desk training helping to improve customer support

AskIT photo

New training techniques and a partnership with a leading technical support vendor are helping UAB IT improve its customer service goals in the AskIT help desk.

UAB IT has made a pledge to the university community to support their mission as a world-class educational and research institution. UAB IT leadership — including Vice President and CIO Dr. Curtis A. Carver Jr. — have been working in the help desk for months to build on improvements.

To make the mission of delivering world-class IT support to UAB faculty staff and students a reality, Jason Johnson, associate director for AskIT, has been put in place concrete steps to achieve this goal.

The first step is training and ensuring the AskIT Help Desk returns to the basics of the customer experience by focusing on training consistency and accuracy.

“Giving the Help Desk basic training for soft skills, customer service and guidance on how to handle tickets will ensure the team is consistent with each customer contact,” Johnson said.

In conjunction with these training plans, AskIT will also develop a standard skill level. They have also partnered with HDI, a renowned leader in the technical support industry, to deliver a blend of customer support, communications and problem solving to AskIT employees.

A constant need for the UAB campus is the dependence on technology and the expectation that issues should be resolved as efficiently as possible. AskIT is working on building up the staff to support the UAB administration, faculty, staff and students in order to handle the 10,000-12,000 requests and issues they receive on a monthly basis.