New service level agreement implemented for UAB IT infrastructure

In an effort to provide transparency and measurable results, UAB IT’s Infrastructure & Operations has developed a new infrastructure service level agreement (SLA) to govern managed server provisioning, maintenance, and support.

The new SLA is currently being reviewed by existing clients for feedback and planning sessions and includes topics such as Service Descriptions, Support Procedures, and Standard Maintenance Windows.

The new SLA will take effect for new customers starting in May 2017 and will be published in the Service Catalog

Existing customers will be moved to the new SLA upon renewals in FY18 with the existing rates staying the same for FY18.  However, Infrastructure & Operations is working hard to develop new services and new rates under this SLA in order to stay competitive with the various consumer cloud infrastructure services and to appropriately protect UAB’s IT resources, such as networking and data security, with new contracts and new cloud-based services.

UAB IT’s Infrastructure & Operations will next be working on similar SLAs and Service Roadmaps for Storage & Backup Services, Colocation Services, and Mail & Web Services to be available by the end of the summer within the Service Catalog.

For questions or comments, please reach out to Rachel Moorehead, 205-934-5065,, executive director of infrastructure & operations.
Last modified on May 09, 2017