Help UAB IT improve customer service with survey

UAB IT will be adding a customer service survey to the closure emails for AskIT and Desktop Services customers who have submitted incident and request tickets in the IT Service Portal.

The surveys are part of an overall UAB IT effort to improve customer service.

"Responses to the survey will help us improve our services we deliver," said Jamie Witter, associate director of IT Client Services. 

The survey is brief — customers will be asked to rate their customer service based on the maturity of a dragon, and can answer additional questions about their customer service experience. 

The survey looks similar to what is pictured below. A link will be provided in the closing emails for tickets.


Desktop Services is currently undergoing an improvement plan, working with industry-leading customer service consultant HDI. The AskIT help desk underwent a similar improvement process and after working over the past year with HDI improved its customer service rating to a 2.6. Desktop Services' goal is a 2.5 rating in nine months.

Desktop Services has already improved certain metrics of customer response — such as decreasing the time to resolve incidents by 40 percent. But the goal, said Vice President and CIO Curtis A. Carver Jr., Ph.D., is to decrease the resolution time for incidents from eight days to just one day.
Last modified on November 30, 2017