Reduce Restricted/PHI data: If you don't need it, delete it

Storing confidential information — particularly information classified as restricted — endangers students, faculty and staff.

UAB IT needs the help of everyone on campus to reduce the amount of data, such as Social Security numbers or personal health information, that is stored on local computers or servers. 

If you have stored Restricted/PHI data, such as SSNs, on your computer, departmental server, UABFile drive or in cloud storage such as OneDrive or Box, you need to review your files and delete or redact any information that is no longer needed, especially as UAB IT begins a campaign to migrate data stored in UABFile to the cloud.

Remember this rule: If you don't need it, delete it. And if you do need it, protect it. Store restricted and sensitive information according to the Data Classification and Data Protection rules. 

The video above has more tips on reducing data, and you can click on our new data reduction page to learn more.
Last modified on December 28, 2017