VP as professor: Teaching helps connect to faculty, students

Curt Carver Teaching3

When Vice President and Chief Information Officer Dr. Curt Carver hears concerns about technology from faculty members, he understands firsthand.

That’s because Carver is a faculty member himself — teaching five courses this semester, including two online information security courses at UAB.

“I believe that IT leadership should consume our own technology,” Carver said.

Under Carver’s leadership, UAB IT has made improvements for faculty and for students.

For example, faculty can now transfer grades from Canvas to BlazerNET with the push of a button, a process that had instructors manually entering each grade twice in the past.

The new method saves time.Instructors can also take advantage of automated and personalized alerts in Canvas to reach out to students who are performing poorly, to give them a helping hand, or congratulate students who are performing well.

For students and faculty, courses are now published in Canvas as soon as possible. Previously, courses were all published on the same day, which could tie up the system and cause slowness.

Carver began his teaching career at West Point, working his way up to full professor before, as he jokes, joining the “dark side” of administration.He encourages creativity among his students, assigning a group project in which they describe a scenario of an information security breach, using either a real or made-up company.

Teaching, he said, helps him understand the point of view of faculty and students and seek technology solutions for them and for UAB. "I can see their pain points," he said.
Last modified on January 31, 2018