Get a Group: New Office 365 feature improves collaboration

Collaborating within your department or organization can be easier with a new Office 365 feature called Groups.

With an Office 365 Group, you will receive a group email address and Outlook inbox, shared calendar, shared planner, and a SharePoint Online site for document collaboration, all operating under the Office 365 umbrella.

You won’t have to manually assign permissions to each resource because adding members to the group automatically gives them access to each tool.

Groups give teams greater collaboration opportunities than distribution lists under the old on-premise email experience.

Learn more about Office 365 Groups in this knowledge base article and in our Office 365 FAQs.

To request an Office 365 Group, open a request ticket through the IT Service Portal.

If you have questions about Office 365 Groups, contact AskIT at 205-996-5555, or at

Last modified on June 01, 2018