Using Duo for 2-factor authentication? Make sure you use the push notification in the app

If you’re a Duo user, you already know that the best thing about the 2-factor authentication service is that you never have to change your BlazerID password again. But hopefully you also know that the easiest way to use Duo 2-factor authentication is with the push notification through the Duo app.

The Duo Push is the easiest method for using the 2-factor authentication tool, and it’s recommended by UAB IT. When you click the “Send me a Push” button when logging in, you’ll get a notification on your mobile device to open the Duo app. When you open it, the app displays a green button and a red button. Touching the green button completes the 2FA login process, while the red button cancels it. If you’re expecting a Push and haven’t received it, open the app and then swipe down. This often brings up the Push notification and allows you to complete the 2FA process.

You also can use the Duo app to generate a passcode, and this feature works even if your device has no Internet connection or cellular signal. When you’re at the Duo portal, click the “Enter a Passcode” button. Then, in the Duo app on your phone, click the down arrow to the right of “UAB-BlazerID.” This generates a six-digit, one-time code that you can type in to the Duo portal in order to complete the 2FA process.

These two methods are much easier to use than receiving passcodes from Duo via SMS texting. 

If you do not see the “Send me a Push” option in the Duo portal and only see a button for entering passcodes, your phone may not have been properly enrolled for use with Duo when you first created an account. All iPhone and Android phone users should have the Duo app installed and should use it for logging in with Duo. If you have an iPhone or Android phone and only see the “Enter a Passcode” option in the Duo portal, contact AskIT at 996-5555. A Help Desk representative can help ensure your phone is properly configured so you can use the Push or generate a Passcode features.

For additional information, all Duo users are welcome to visit to learn more about using Duo with the phone or tablet of their choice.

Last modified on October 24, 2018