The Campus agreement with Microsoft covers a certain set of software on a campus-wide basis... software such as MS Office that is used by almost everyone on campus.  The Campus agreement is an annual term 'site license' based on the number of faculty/staff/students covered. The Campus agreement requires renewal and payment annually to remain in effect.

The Select agreement with MS is basically a volume discount arrangement for software products not included in the Campus agreement.  These products are not widely installed, but more limited to use in certain departments or on specific systems such as servers. UAB projects an annual purchase volume (by category, not by software title) and MS provides discounts based on that projection.  Should UAB not meet the annual projections future pricing would be based on the actual level of purchases from the prior year.usually at a reduced level of discount.  Most product purchased under the Select agreement is granted as a perpetual license with a single upfront payment. No annual renewal fee is required to continue to use the software, but maintenance/support is available as an option.

See the Microsoft Agreement link for more information on what is available under the Campus and Select agreements.

Every UAB faculty, staff, and student (where applicable) is responsible for adhering to software copyright laws and license rights.  While IT Software Licensing will ensure that appropriate licensing information is published for products included on the IT web site, it is the responsibility of each school, department, faculty/staff member, and student to maintain accurate records for all software installed on their systems.  Records should include the software title, date and source of the purchase (including software acquired through this web site or AskIT), and where installed.  For software not covered under a UAB site license, a sales order/invoice or the original physical media/license key would qualify as proof of a valid license.  Note that only one method can be used for any one software title as proof, not a combination of the two for the same application.

Communicate to everyone in your area the need to understand and follow the rights granted by the license.

  • Don't use one licensed copy to install a program on multiple systems.
  • Don't make unauthorized copies of disks for distribution.
  • Don't use UAB software at home unless the license specifically allows it.
  • Don't use software after the expiration of the license.
  • Don't take advantage of upgrade offers without having a legal copy of an earlier, upgradeable version of the software.
  • KEEP ACCURATE RECORDS of all software purchased/installed in your area.

Q: My department/school uses a specific software application for many users and I'm fairly sure several other departments/schools at UAB use it as well.  Is there a more economical way to purchase that software

A: Possibly, through either a volume discount arrangement or through a site license.  First, contact AskIT to see if any discounts are already in place. If not you can send an email to  for review. Make sure and include all pertinent information about the product such as areas known to be using the software, number of licenses currently owned, manufacturer, product name/version, etc., and why you feel a site license may be applicable.

Q: I use MS Project (example) on my computer and I have a copy of the media.  My colleague also needs Project on her system.  I know she is planning on placing an order for the software next week. Can I loan her my media to install so she can begin working immediately?

A: No, for MS Project that would be a violation of your license.  Your colleague must have her own license prior to installing the software. For other titles such as MS Office covered under the Campus agreement loaning media would be acceptable. If in doubt contact AskIT for guidance.

January 01, 2012

Software Licenses

Click here for details on available software 


UAB makes software available to faculty, staff and students under a variety of licenses. These are:

  1. Site Licenses - In certain cases, UAB has negotiated with a software manufacturer pricing that will provide access to a software program to all faculty, staff and students on campus. UAB has paid for these software licenses and only needs to ensure that the users downloading the software are actually members of the UAB community.

    Software covered under site license is available free for download or for purchase with a nominal media fee.

    Examples: Microsoft Office (see Microsoft Campus Agreement), SAS, SPSS, EndNote (for campus)

  2. Volume Discount Licenses - Other software titles are covered under a Volume Discount license. UAB was able to negotiate a reduced price for a bulk quantity of licenses. Most of these titles are free for use by the UAB Community - the only difference is that the University must keep track and count the number of copies of the software being used, in order to comply with the license agreement.

    Software covered under volume discount license is usually free for download or for purchase with a nominal media fee.

    Example: Microsoft Visio, Adobe 

  3. Freeware - These software titles are free to use under the license provided with the software, and UAB did not have to negotiate any pricing to obtain the titles.

    Example: TN3270 Emulator Software for Mac

What should I expect once I request software from IT Procurement?

For products that are managed/licensed through IT Procurement (certain bulk purchased software and products covered under a site or volume purchase agreement) we will work with you to determine exactly what software versions you need and ensure proper licensing for your situation.  Your order may be processed in one of 3 ways depending on the software you need.

1.    For software that is available for download without additional charges you will be directed to the IT Software Library website.  If you are unable to download because you are unable to create and ISO file or unable to copy the file to disk, you may prefer physical media.  IT Procurement can provide you with the media at a cost of $5 per CD/DVD.  For physical media requests you will need to go online to and submit a new request and provide a valid account number before we can release the media.

  • Our goal is to fulfill requests for download instructions by the end of the same business day, and to fulfill requests for pickup of physical media by the end of the next business day (once a valid account number is provided). 
  • License keys necessary for installation of the software will be emailed/provided to you through the AskIT ticket within 24 hours after the media has been picked up from the AskIT Help Desk. 

2.   For bulk purchased software for which IT Procurement is reselling the product we will validate the requirements for installation with you and provide a cost back to you for an approval via the AskIT ticket you submitted. 

  • In general, you should expect a response to your initial inquiry with pricing by the end of the same business day. 
  • If you approve of the cost you should reply back to the AskIT email with the appropriate quantities and a valid account number string. 
  • From the time you reply back with the necessary information our goal is to fulfill your request with instructions on pickup of physical media and license keys necessary for installation of the software by the end of the next business day.

3.   For purchases of products requiring a Purchase Order to be generated to a vendor (Microsoft products covered under our select agreement) we will validate the requirements for installation with you and provide a cost for your review via the AskIT ticket you submitted.  The overall process for orders requiring a PO should take between 7 and 10 business days, depending on how long it takes for routing the request through Oracle for approvals.

  • In general, for workstation related products you should expect a response to your initial inquiry with questions or pricing by the end of the same business day.  Requests for server related products should receive a response by the end of the next business day.
  • Once final costs are provided to you, if you want to proceed with the order you should reply back to the AskIT email with the appropriate quantities and a valid account number. 
  • IT Procurement will enter the request into the Oracle system generally on the same day we receive your approval to proceed.  The document will route for approvals according to the normal Oracle approval process for the account number provided, and then route to UAB Procurement for issuance of a Purchase Order to the vendor.  IT Procurement will update the AskIT ticket to provide you with notice that the order has been approved. 
  • IT Procurement will monitor the Microsoft Volume Licensing site for validation that the UAB Purchase has been submitted appropriately to Microsoft.  This validation generally requires between 3 and 5 business days once the purchase order has been submitted to the vendor.
  • Once the purchase has been validated you should expect an update from IT Procurement with the necessary information on pickup of physical media (if applicable) and license keys necessary for installation of the software.
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