In an effort to provide transparency and measurable results, UAB IT’s Infrastructure & Operations has developed a new infrastructure service level agreement (SLA) to govern managed server provisioning, maintenance, and support.

The new SLA is currently being reviewed by existing clients for feedback and planning sessions and includes topics such as Service Descriptions, Support Procedures, and Standard Maintenance Windows.

The new SLA will take effect for new customers starting in May 2017 and will be published in the Service Catalog

Existing customers will be moved to the new SLA upon renewals in FY18 with the existing rates staying the same for FY18.  However, Infrastructure & Operations is working hard to develop new services and new rates under this SLA in order to stay competitive with the various consumer cloud infrastructure services and to appropriately protect UAB’s IT resources, such as networking and data security, with new contracts and new cloud-based services.

UAB IT’s Infrastructure & Operations will next be working on similar SLAs and Service Roadmaps for Storage & Backup Services, Colocation Services, and Mail & Web Services to be available by the end of the summer within the Service Catalog.

For questions or comments, please reach out to Rachel Moorehead, 205-934-5065,, executive director of infrastructure & operations.
digital signage screens
UAB IT is now dropping the cost of maintenance for digital signage from $45 to $30 a month. There will also no longer be an upfront license fee.

These changes are to ensure that UAB IT is doing its part “to provide a consistent, cost-effective digital signage solution for campus," said Robert Howard, associate vice president and deputy chief information officer.
UAB digital signage offers dynamic, vibrant messaging with easily adaptable, branded content. With proper hardware, signs can even be interactive.

UAB digital signage offers branded content, automatic emergency notification integration and media flexibility. It is easily managed and maintained through a simple web interface.

For more about digital signage, click here.
As part of UAB's ongoing efforts to enhance email security, UAB IT will be implementing several security improvements during April.

These enhancements include additional support for data loss prevention (DLP); enabling email encryption; and improving our protection against phishing campaigns. Additional details will be forthcoming when these services are implemented.

Data loss prevention support will include more email policy tips, similar to the credit card number policy tip implemented in March.

Email encryption will give those who use Office 365 email the opportunity to use an extra layer of security when sending emails, if they choose.

Protection against phishing campaigns will include methods to avoid UAB email servers being blacklisted.
A technology upgrade in Heritage Hall classroom 442 is earning rave reviews from those who use the classroom.

All of the technology in the room was upgraded: the computer is an all-in-one touch-enabled Windows 10PC; the AV controls were updated to the new classroom standard, with a new control panel with intuitive icon-driven interface; new, brighter projector; and Blu-ray player controlled by the touch panel.

“The Crestron system that controls the room will eventually be monitored remotely to ensure more efficient maintenance and support,” said Walt Creel, manager of classroom technology.

Academic adviser Raven M. Dials said she appreciated that UAB IT sought feedback from instructors and others on campus before making changes in the classroom.

“I had a guest speaker this past Tuesday, but she used the system and it worked great and looks amazing,” said academic adviser Raven M. Dials. “I was happy to see the upgrade as I was having issues every week with the projector shutting off in the middle of my presentations as well as our guest speakers. Thank you for taking the time to have it set up and asking for feedback!”

Academic adviser Courtney White added, “The new system is great. The old one would shut off about 10 minutes into my class every week and take me about five minutes to get the projector working again. I had absolutely no issues today.”

Learn more about the classrooms UAB IT serves here, and get the status of classroom technology here.
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