Streamline note taking with Microsoft OneNote

OneNote DS

Are your class or work notes scattered in too many notebooks or all over your computer’s desktop? Office 365’s OneNote can help.

OneNote is a digital note-taking application that helps you streamline your workflow and reduce your need for multiple notebooks, binders or documents. Use it in during classes, brainstorming sessions, meetings or whenever inspiration sparks.

Students, faculty and staff have free access to Microsoft Office 365 — but it offers much more than email and familiar office appls like Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Office 365 is a messaging, collaboration, and productivity suite of software products designed for high availability, performance, security, growth, and is hosted in the cloud.

OneNote is capable of holding multiple notebooks that can be divided into sections and pages for easy organization. You can add tags, ink notes with a stylus or your finger, create checklists, mix various media and share with others. It has an easy to navigate interface and search field, so you’ll always find your notes right where you left them, from any of your devices.

UAB provides online access to Office 365 as well as installation on up to five machines for all UAB students. Faculty and staff can install Office apps on their home computers as well. Try it today or learn more about OneNote.

Last modified on March 12, 2020