Phonebook Enabled Basic Broadcast and List E-mail Service (PEBBLES)

This service is intended for real-time distribution of e-mail and attachments to related dynamic populations of employees and students. Users must be specifically authorized to distribute to these populations.

In its most direct form, authorized persons can utilize PEBBLES by sending e-mail to specially formatted e-mail addresses, where the username of the address indicates a criteria for distribution. The criteria can include Oracle orgunits, school and academic department codes, class levels, and so on.

Because remembering all of the possible criteria can be confusing, the PEBBLES Wizard is available for determining and managing its distribution addresses.

A few examples of direct PEBBLES addresses include:

  • - distribute to all employees under Oracle unit 19 (Vice President of Information Technology)
  • 19-status01@pebbles... - distribute to all full-time employees under VPIT
  • PA-STU@pebbles... - distribute to all students in the Public Administration program
  • EE-GRAD-STU@pebbles... - distribute to all graduate students in Electrical Engineering
Last modified on September 28, 2012