Google Search Appliance

The Google Search Appliance located at is operational. To index content, the engine simply acts like a Web browser, retrieves a page, and follows all links on that page. It can find pages which are not publicly available. The engine will retrieve password protected pages (though a password is still required to view the actual pages); it will also find pages which do not have at least one link from another page it has found.

To add the Google search form to your web page, you can add the following HTML code to your page:



This search query will return results from the entire UAB collection of documents and pages; if you wish to tailor your search results to a specific subsite of UAB, a sub-collection of results will need to be constructed for you.

If you have any questions or comments related to the Google Search Appliance, please contact our Help Desk, AskIT, by email or phone at 205-996-5555.

Last modified on October 24, 2012