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Microsoft Agreements & Products

  • January 01, 2012

UAB Microsoft Agreements (MCAs)

UAB has introduced Office 365 for faculty and staff, which means they can also use the Microsoft Office programs including Word, Excel and PowerPoint in the cloud, as well as download those programs to their computers. The Office products are primarily made available for installation on the user’s personal/home system and faculty/staff should consult with their department or school's IT support before installing any Office 365 products on their UAB system.  Office products for installation on UAB systems should be downloaded from UAB IT’s software library.

For details about Microsoft Office 365 for students (for email and cloud-based storage and applications), click here.  

UAB maintains both a Campus agreement and a Select agreement with Microsoft. Each user of software under the Microsoft agreements must use it subject to and strictly in accordance with the terms, conditions, limitations, and restrictions contained in the agreements.  All software products are (a) licensed by Microsoft and (b) may not be copied or transferred to a third party.

Software included in the Campus Agreement is licensed on an annually recurring basis.  UAB does not have a perpetual license to the software, but only the right to use the software as long as the agreement is renewed/paid annually.  Under the agreement UAB receives rights to install the software on all UAB owned/leased systems, home-use rights for faculty/staff (with limitations-see below), student-use rights (with limitations-see below) and all version upgrades that MS may release during the term of the agreement. While the Campus Agreement reduces the complexity of licensing and paying for these campus-wide applications, it does not give UAB users the right to install the applications in any way that violates the rights granted by Microsoft.

Software under the Select Agreement is for UAB Faculty/Staff only and is mostly licensed on a one-time purchase basis with optional Software Assurance for version upgrades.  Software under the Select agreement must be purchased prior to software under Select is available for use without first purchasing the applicable license.

UAB also makes certain Microsoft products available to students and faculty associated with a STEM program (science, technology, engineering, math) at no charge. For more information see Microsoft Dreamspark

Specific product licensing and product use rights are available at All users are expected to be familiar with and comply with the terms of the specific products they use.

For more information click on one of the following tabs:

Faculty/Staff Campus Use

What is Available?

Faculty/Staff Use on UAB Owned Systems.  For the Microsoft Campus Agreement the following items are covered for all Faculty/Staff on UAB owned/leased systems (including University owned lab computers):

Microsoft Campus Desktop (consisting of Office Professional, Windows Upgrade and Core CALs)

  1. Office Enterprise for Windows includes: Access, Excel, InfoPath, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Word, One Note, and Groove.  For more information on MS Office and Windows see the tab above. 
    Office for Mac Professional includes: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Entourage, Virtual PC for Mac.
  2. Core CALs (Client Access Licenses) consist of the client access license for Windows Server, Exchange Server, Systems Management Server, and SharePoint Portal Server.
  3. CALs for Windows Terminal Server are included only up through Windows Server 2003.
  4. Windows Upgrade requires that a full operating system already be licensed on the system. Only a right to upgrade is included here.
  5. UAB faculty and staff may continue to use and install previous versions.

Microsoft Campus Server Platform

UAB's campus agreement covers the following server applications and all associated CALs for faculty, staff, and students:

  1. Windows Server - all editions
  2. SharePoint Server - all editions including Internet sites
  3. Exchange Server - all editions
  4. System Center Config Manager - server and ML Std & Enterprise
  5. All external connectors
  6. SQL Server
  7. BizTalk Server
  8. MS Desktop Optimization Pack (faculty/staff only)
  9. All CALs for the above server product
  10. Windows Remote Desktop CALs (old Windows Terminal Server)

Software should be requested via the IT Software Library website for installation on UAB owned systems.

Microsoft Select Products - Exclusively for Faculty/Staff purchases for use on UAB owned equipment, all other Microsoft products not included under the Campus Agreement must be purchased separately and can be obtained at a discount through our Microsoft Academic Select agreement. This would include all of the server products and other frequently requested items such as Visio and Project. 

Click here for more software titles (logon and select Microsoft - Other Title from the dropdown box).

Virtually all software purchased under the Select agreement is granted as a perpetual license with a one-time payment.  Software Assurance (SA) is available for an extra fee that provides upgrades to any new versions released during the time the purchase is covered by SA. SA must be purchased for the full remaining time the Select Agreement is scheduled to be in effect.  UAB's Select Agreement runs through November 2013, thereby requiring that any SA purchases also run through November 2013.  SA is sold for the remaining months left in the Select agreement, so if you purchase a product with SA in September of 2011, you will pay for 2 years and 2 months of SA (September 2011 through November 2013). 

Once SA benefits expire the user still owns the perpetual license and any version upgrades that were released during the SA term.  While SA is not required and not always cost effective, users should pay close attention to when new version upgrades/releases are planned by MS as it may make sense to purchase SA especially if a purchase must be made immediately and a new release is only a few months away.

Contact AskIT at 205-996-5555 or submit a ticket online at for questions related to the MS Select Agreement.

How To Obtain the Software

Campus Agreement Products - request via the IT Software Library website for installation on UAB owned systems.

Select Products - pricing and available products  Order Now from the Software Library website (logon and select Microsoft - Other Titles from the dropdown box).

Faculty/Staff Home Use

What is Available?

For installation on personally owned systems only, the Microsoft Campus Agreement provides the items for all Faculty/Staff:

Microsoft Campus Desktop (consisting of the latest released versions of Office and Windows Upgrade)

  • Office for Windows includes: Access, Excel, InfoPath, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Word.  
  • Office for Mac Professional includes: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Entourage.
  • Windows Upgrade: requires that a full operating system already be licensed on the system. Only a right to upgrade is included here.  Students should note that this is a limited license that requires removal of the upgraded operating system when the student graduates or is no longer a student of the University.  Careful consideration should be given prior to utilizing this upgrade option as removal of an upgrade may pose significant risk to the overall functionality of the student's system. 

How To Obtain the Software?

  • Software can be obtained two ways:  
  1. For Microsoft Office Products: Via online download through the UAB Office 365 Portal. More information is available here.
  2. For Microsoft Windows Products: Via an online download through the Kivuto website. Login using your BlazerID and password.
  • Home use installations may not use the same media as provided to faculty/staff for installation of the applications on UAB-owned equipment, but must use the specific media and license keys provided through the Office 365 portal or downloaded from the Kivuto website. 
  • Use of the software must be for the exclusive use of the faculty/staff (home) and must be deleted upon termination of the Campus Agreement or upon leaving the University.


For installation on personally owned systems only, these Microsoft products are available to students:



Versions avail. for use on UAB Owned Systems


Installations on UAB owned systems should be running Windows 7 Enterprise and Office 2010 Enterprise  Windows 8 and Office 2013 are currently available only to TIMGroup members for testing.

Windows 7 and Windows 8

Windows 7 and 8 employ the same licensing model as Windows Vista requiring a 'key server' at UAB to 'authorize' each installation of Vista. Where systems are not connected to the network for long periods of time, an alternate method utilizing a limited-use key will be available but on a restricted basis. UAB IT has set up a key server for testing and is making Windows 8 available to the TIMGroup members for testing within their areas.

Click here to be directed to the Software login page. Once logged in select Windows 7 in the dropdown box. 

Additional information on Windows 7 (including hardware requirements) is available from Microsoft at: 

Windows 7 Homepage

Windows 8 Homepage

Office 2010/2013

Office 2010 is now available as a download to the UAB Campus.

Additional information on Office 2010 can be found utilizing the following link:  Office Enterprise 2010 Product Guides

Office 2013 is currenlty available only to TIMGroup for testing.

Last modified on May 30, 2018

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