UAB Two-Factor Authentication

With the support and endorsement of the President's Risk Cabinet, UAB is engaged in a Two-Factor Authentication Project for university administrative systems, including Oracle. 

Among these initiatives are a Security Challenge which gives Oracle users an additional layer of protection when they log in to the system; RedFlag alerts which give users immediate text message notification if changes are made to their personal or bank information in Oracle; and a new login page which provides uniformity across UAB systems.

Security Challenge

UAB IT recently deployed a security challenge at Oracle login. Employees will be able to opt in to the security challenge, which will allow them to provide unique answers to a set of questions. Users who opt in to the security challenge will have to answer one of those questions when they log in to Oracle. The Security Challenge will be mandatory later this year.

Security Challenge FAQs

Why is the Security Challenge required?
The purpose of the Security Challenge is to add a new layer of security to UAB systems such as Oracle HR and Finance, which houses employees' personal and financial information.

What is the web site to review my answers outside of the Oracle login?
UAB Security Challenge

How do I update or review my answers after completing the form?
Updating or reviewing your answers can be accomplished by visiting UAB Security Challenge. After entering the site, choose the "Update My Questions" link.

RedFlag Alerts

Oracle RedFlag Alerts use technology similar to that of the B-Alert system, which allows UAB employees to receive text messages if changes or updates are made to their personal information, direct deposit account(s) or tax withholding forms via Oracle self-service. To sign up for RedFlag alerts, click the button above. If prompted, enter your BlazerID and password and then sign up to receive alerts in the Identity category.

Last modified on April 11, 2016