TechConnect services

TechConnect offers a variety of services, from virus removal to data backup.

Tools Hourly charge Hourly Labor $80
Lock Virus removal  Virus and spyware removal without need for system re-imaging. $130
CellPhone Cell phone glass replacement Includes labor and glass / sensor replacement. Varies by model
Software Software installation Installation of new software $40 per half-hour
Computer Data backup and OS install Backup of system files and documents (as identified by the customer); re-imaging system from existing system partition; restoration of documents. Does not include reinstallation of third-party software previously installed by customer. $180
ComputerBackup Data backup Backup of system files and documents (as identified by the customer), which will be provided to customer on customer-provided media. $100
Memory Memory installation Installation of additional memory on laptop or desktop system. $40
HardDrive Hardware installation Installation of hardware on laptop or desktop system. $40 per half-hour
TroubleShooting Software troubleshooting Troubleshooting issues with currently installed software $40 per half-hour
Operating System Icon OS Installation Installation of operating system, either current or newly provided license $100
Refresh Computer tuneup Update drivers, critical Windows updates, repair simple registry and disk errors, clear internet cache etc $50
Last modified on May 20, 2019