Keeper password manager

Keeper LogoKeeper is a password management application. It stores your login credentials for different websites so they are easily accessible to you while still being stored securely when not needed. Instead of having to remember all of your login credentials, you only need to remember the one master password for your Keeper Vault.

Keeper is available to UAB staff, students and faculty. It is not available to UAB Hospital staff at this time.

Register with Keeper.
To create a Keeper account and start your vault:
  • Register with Keeper here.
  • Create a master password that is not the same as your BlazerID password. When creating your Master Password, Keeper requires a 15-character password length with one special character (e.g. !@#%), one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and at least one number. Ideas for secure passwords are available here. Note: Your browser may prompt you to save your Keeper Master Password. NEVER allow the browser to save your Keeper password.
  • To complete the registration process, you will need to enter your email address, and set a Master Password along with a "Security Question and Answer."  Keeper offers you the ability to choose between one of their security Q&A or you can create your own.
  • Next you must accept the terms of use and click "Create Account."
NOTE: You must use your email address, not Verify you are entering the correct information by checking Blazer 411 here.

Browser extensions
Install the browser extensions available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Internet Explorer here. These extensions allow Keeper to automatically create entries in your vault for credentials you enter into different websites. It also allows Keeper the ability to automatically enter credentials for sites for which you have saved entries. For example: If you have saved credentials for Facebook in your Keeper Vault, Keeper will offer to enter those credentials when you visit

Keeper Vault
Download the Keeper Vault for your Desktop (Mac, Windows, Linux) from here

Keeper App
Download the Keeper App for your mobile devices.

  • Tutorials, Quick Start Guides, and 24/7 support & live chat are available here.
  • The UAB Keeper User Guide is available here.
Last modified on September 18, 2017