PhishMe LogoOne of the most effective ways for a cyber-attacker to compromise an organization’s cyber resources is to gain unauthorized access by compromising an account through phishing emails. In fact, industry experts report that 91 percent of all breaches start with phishing emails.  If such an email lands in a UAB inbox, we are just a few clicks away from having UAB’s security compromised.  This means UAB students, faculty and staff are all an integral part of our information security posture.

In an effort allow our users to become familiar and more resilient to tactics used in real phishing attacks, UAB Information Security will be working with PhishMe Inc. to send out fake phishing emails to our students, faculty and staff that imitate real attacks. These emails are designed to give you a realistic experience in a safe and controlled environment.

Please note, that we will not be receiving nor storing any passwords, there is no penalty to falling victim to one of the simulations, and victimized users will not be singled out.  However, we do ask the users who have fallen victim to the phishing email to take 30-60 seconds to review the education material that is presented after falling victim to one of the simulated attacks.
Last modified on November 04, 2016