• What is Digital Signage?

    UAB IT offers an inclusive digital signage solution to campus departments and schools.
    Digital signage offers dynamic, vibrant messaging with easily adaptable, branded content. With proper hardware, signs can even be interactive.

  • Features

    • Multiple layouts to choose from
    • Automatic emergency notification integration
    • Branded content with department name
    • Media flexibility: Videos, slideshows, live TV (with proper hardware), flash content, HTML 5, RSS feeds, weather, news and Web pages
    • Touch functionality (with proper hardware)
    • Easily managed and maintained media via a simple web interface
    • Role assignment for multiple layers of approval
  • Cost

    • A one-time fee includes the TV, PC, mounting, installation, initial configuration, network and power installation. Cost will vary depending on the type and amount of equipment.
    • A small monthly fee per sign will be assessed to cover the cost of server maintenance, player licensing and local PC support.
    • We will assist with setting up new features as they are requested. Any custom requests may be charged an hourly rate.
  • Get Digital Signage

    • Submit a request to AskIT.
    • Determine the location for your signs (high-traffic areas, indoors and outdoors).
    • Choose the personnel in your department who will manage content.
    • UAB IT will handle the rest with your approval of the cost: purchasing equipment, network, scheduling installation, training your staff on how to manage content.

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