Ready to request services/products from UAB IT?

This page lists all of the services that can be ordered/selected/initiated online.

To see all solutions offered by UAB IT visit Solutions or select links on the left. To inquire about services that are not available to be ordered/inititated online Contact AskIT (provide as much detail as possible).

BlazerID Central
  • Request a BlazerID
    The BlazerID is your key to all online campus resources. Learn more.
  • Change My Password
    Choosing a strong password is essential for security.
  • Get an Email Account
    A email address is crucial for campus communication. Learn More
  • Change Email Preferences
    Create email aliases, setup forwarding, and more.
  • B-Alert Emergency Notifications
    For immediate notification of emergencies, sign up with UAB's B-ALERT system.
  • eNotify General Notifications
    User specific opt-in notifications (student services, Blackboard, PW reset).
Communications & Network
  • Audio Conference Bridge
    Indicate conference bridge in service details.
  • Cell Phones
    UAB business cell phone needs - UAB Communication Services. Learn More
  • Desktop Web Conferencing
    Conferencing solutions for online meetings, training, events & more. Learn More
  • Mass Email Request
    Mass e-mails addressed to large groups from a "special" address. Learn More
  • Network Request
    Indicate network needs in service details.
  • Telephone Service
    Indicate telephone service in service details.
  • Wifi Guest Access
    UAB IT provides/supports a wireless network for the UAB community.
Information Security
  • Data Recovery Services
    DriveSavers and recovery services for the UAB community. Learn More
  • Report a Data Security Incident
    Incident Handling Procedures. Learn More
  • Secure Media Destruction
    The proper process for UAB Secure Media Destruction. Learn More
Software & Subscriptions
System Access
  • UAB User Accounts
    File storage (UABFile), imaging systems, WebIT.
  • Guest User Accounts (XIAS)
    Guest access to UAB systems (requires UAB sponsor).
  • Desktop Local Admin Rights
    For UAB IT supported systems.