How do I get an account?

Currently the best way to get an account is to email us at and request one!

What is Cheaha?

Cheaha is a campus resource dedicated to enhancing research computing productivity at UAB. Cheaha is managed by UAB Information Technology's Research Computing group (UAB ITRC) and is available to members of the UAB community in need of increased computational capacity. Cheaha supports high-performance computing (HPC) and high throughput computing (HTC) paradigms.

Can my external collaborator get an account?

Yes, please follow the instructions here to get an account for your external collaborator

How do I log-on to the Cheaha cluster?

Go to in your web browser (Chrome works best) and login.

How much storage do I get with my account on Cheaha?

Every user gets 3 storage locations:
HOME : 20GB , mostly useful for scripts.
DATA_USER: 5TB. , for raw data.
DATA_SCRATCH: 500 TB, shared space, only to be used during analysis.

I am new to HPC, how do I best proceed after getting an account on Cheaha?

Please go through these 2 pages, to get a general idea about running your workflows on cheaha: and

I am submitting a grant. What is an accurate description of UAB high performance computing resources?

Click here to find both a short and long description of HPC resources at UAB for grant and article submissions. If you need a letter of support, contact Laura Dabbs in UAB IT Research Computing at or 996-4300. We are here to help!