UAB IT works with University academic and administrative departments to provide campus-wide and volume licensing agreements for commonly used software programs and applications. Software may be available at no cost, a minimum fee, or available at a discounted price depending on the agreement UAB has in place with the software provider. Titles such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Server, Microsoft SQL, EndNote, MatLab, LabView, Adobe, IBM/SPSS, SAS and many others are available to the UAB community.

Information about each of the software programs is available below under Solutions & Policies. 

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Please note: Before installing software applications from this library on a computer owned by UAB, UAB Health Services Foundation or UAB Health System, please contact your IT support. If you have any questions or comments, please contact our help desk,, by email or phone at 205-996-5555.

Software titles are licensed under Site Licenses or Volume Discount Licenses and are available to the UAB community either free of charge or for a nominal media fee. Other software titles come under the category of Shareware or Freeware. These titles can be downloaded either directly from a UAB server or from a link provided on these pages. For these titles, UAB has not negotiated any special licenses other than acquiring permission to host the software download. Users are expected to comply with the licenses included with these software downloads. For more information on these special licenses, please see Licenses

Before downloading any software from the IT Software Library, we strongly suggest UAB users read the Suggested Reading documents below for more information.